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Important Hotel Information
« on: March 07, 2011, 10:37:23 PM »

We are currently experiencing a problem with our hotel in Dallas.  It is their fault.  They screwed up our block and sold out the rooms on Monday night.  There are still plenty of rooms available for the other nights.  If you have not yet made reservations and you are hoping to stay on Monday night you should still make your reservations here and put your name on a waiting list for Monday night.  If you have rooms reserved that you are not going to use, please write me and let me know so that we can redirect those rooms (at least for Monday night) to other people that want them.  If we end up without enough rooms for Monday night after redirecting, the hotel has an overflow property.  I know that this is not ideal for anyone that has to move on Monday.  If you decide that you don't want to move we will try to get you the same rate for your entire stay at a very close hotel.  I think there is a good chance that most people who are waitlisted now will be able to get in, so that you would do best to make your reservations at the tournament hotel and a separate reservation for Monday night at the overflow property.  We will put information out on alternative hotels in the next couple of days once we get that figured out.  If you try to make reservations at the 800 number and are told that the block is sold out, be persistent.  They are only sold out for Monday -- make them sell you rooms for the other nights.

I am copying the message I received from the hotel to explain how to get on the waitlist.  I apologize for the inconvenience.  I hope this is not a harbinger of things to come.  Chris and the UTD people have done a fabulous job of getting ready to host us.  If we can get past this minor hotel glitch, hopefully things will go well.  If you experience any problems making your reservations, you should email me and let me know and I will get your message directed to the appropriate people at the hotel to fix things.



Hi Sherry,


Thank you for your understanding with our sold out situation on Monday, March 28th. Because of this we will be waiving any and all rooms attrition you may incur. There are still plenty of rooms in your block for all other nights. We did place a note in the block for our Central Reservations team to inform any of the guests calling in who want a stay that touches Monday night that although that night is not available, the other nights are available at the group rate. Now I will say, there are hundreds of agents that any particular call might get routed to and it is possible that some of the agents will not read the notes we put in. If you are able to reach out on your end to let your people know to contact the property directly to make their reservation if they have trouble doing it through the 1-800 number.


We are happy to collect and manage a waitlist for Monday 3/28. All waitlist requests need to go through Olivia Baron at or direct dial: 972-851-2051. Olivia would also be the contact for reservation needs.


I will help secure rooms at a partner hotel for Monday night at your group rate once we know how many we need.


Thanks again for the partnership.