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2011 NDT Scouting
« on: March 17, 2011, 02:12:56 AM »

Congratulations to all the qualifiers to this years National Debate Tournament.  As always, the NDT will be conducting a tournament-wide scouting operation intended to help compile and disseminate as much intel as humanely possible over the course of the weekend.  Nicole Serrano will assist me with this collection over the course of the event.

In the run up to the NDT, we'd like to start gathering relevant information with regards to the provided scouts from each team.  I've placed a link to a google form we'll be using to compile this data on each scout.  We will then use the information to contact each scout directly to notify them of all information and details about scouting.

We'll also more than likely he holding a meeting following the opening ceremony on Thursday evening, to quickly meet face-to-face will all the scouts we have signed up.

Finally, we've updated the wikispace for all NDT entries, so all new information collected at the NDT will show up on their NDT page.  We'd recommend that you update your current Wiki page with all cites/arguments, the best you could, up to and including district competition.
If you have any further questions about scouting or scouts please feel free to email me

Thank you for participating,
Brian Manuel & Nicole Serrano
NDT Scouting Coordinators


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Re: 2011 NDT Scouting
« Reply #1 on: March 24, 2011, 02:56:28 PM »
Hello again,

2 reminders -

1. Please fill out your information regarding the scouts you've brought to the tournament.  Many teams have yet to do it.  This helps us consolidate all of their contact information so we can communicate easier with them.  We'd appreciate if you can take care of this ASAP.

The link to the Scout Information Form is located here -

2. There will be a scouting meeting immediately following the opening assembly tonight.  Please have your scouts present as Nicole and I will be going over some procedures for tomorrow.

Thank you,
Brian Manuel & Nicole Serrano
2011 NDT Scouting Coordinators


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Re: 2011 NDT Scouting
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2011, 09:06:14 PM »

A few notes from your scouting folks -

1. At a glance type information will be at our NDT Scouting Google Doc.

This should make it easy to figure out if there was a new aff, what politics scenarios have been read, etc. Although we will be updating info there as quickly as possible, please feel free to fill in info as you judge, wait for decisions, etc.

2. Building lists, pairings, and other types of updates will be available on . If you click on "live updates," you'll see info as we can. The same kind of info will be on the Facebook group "Fundraising NDT". The Facebook group will also have candid shots throughout the NDT

3. Scouts - Thank you to everyone who came to the quick meeting after the opening ceremony. It is really helpful to us, and therefore the community, if your scouts check-in with us before each debate. Please help us with this

Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Feel free to contact us.

Thanks for your help & Happy NDTing!

Brian Manuel -
Nicole Serrano -
Heather Walters

(we're all checking -, too)