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Internet Access
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Internet Service at the Westin Park Central Hotel

Internet service in sleeping rooms. The hotel provides wireless internet access to all guests. The block rate for the NDT includes internet service. When accessing the Westin’s service, simply agree to bill the service fees to the room. The charges should be automatically removed at check-out. If the charges do appear on your bill at the end of your stay, then politely remind the desk clerk that the NDT block rate includes internet service at no additional charge.

Internet service in lobby. It should be available to all guests and visitors.

Internet service in the competition/conference rooms. This is not provided. In an effort to help minimize overall costs, the contract signed does not include this service during our events. Teams may wish to make their own arrangements for internet service during elimination rounds on Monday.

Internet Service at UT Dallas Campus

Wireless internet access is available to all guests of the University throughout the campus at no charge

Select the “UTD Guest” option from the wireless networks available

Open your internet browser

When prompted, select the nature of your visit, provide your email address, and accept the terms of service

Note: Guests may need to re-establish internet access regularly

Please contact a member of the UT Dallas coaching staff if you have any problems with internet access at the campus