Author Topic: Thanks to CHRIS BURK and UTD  (Read 3605 times)

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Thanks to CHRIS BURK and UTD
« on: March 29, 2011, 04:44:30 PM »
Congrats to everyone on their respective NDT showings.  Chris and the UTD crew were great over the weekend and they deserve a massive round of thanks for all the work hosting.  Chris not only did a really good job running the tournament (even lending a hand to his crew on cleaning efforts and setting up supplies), his team did very well at the tournament and all season.  The incredible turn-around at UT-Dallas over the past decade, something that often gets taken for granted, is due to Chris' amazing efforts over the years--top notch coaching, hosting a great tournament, gathering one of the best groups of assistant coaches in the country, and earning first-rounds with multiple debate teams.  GREAT STUFF--this is the kind of sustained effort that keeps the community strong.  Thanks much and kudos!!  Kevin Kuswa