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Parking Passes
« on: September 05, 2011, 08:03:06 PM »
Hi everyone,
Since we are on the Friday schedule this year - you will need a parking pass for Friday afternoon. These passes will NOT be good in the Lang lot - if you use a visiting parking pass to park there, you will be ticketed. Parking passes are good in the MMTC. Park in the visitors spots only. Again, UNI parking is very alert - and will be happy to ticket you on a Friday afternoon. The MMTC is very close to Lang:

Lang is building 21 - the MMTC is just to above and to the left on the map. If you arrive prior to registration, send one of your debaters up to the squad room (Lang 218 to pick up the passes). We will have a representative of UNI Forensics down in Lang to drop off passes to teams. You can drop your teams and evidence off at Lang, and park in the MMTC. If you are bringing a bus, let us know - we can tell you were to park.

You may park in the Lang lot on Saturday and Sunday. This is just a weekday rule.

If one representative from your team could email me the following information by Thursday at 9am, we can finalize our list:
Name of School
Number of Vehicles

send to