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Elim Results
« on: September 11, 2011, 08:57:21 PM »
Congratulation to all the elimination participants on a great tournament.  Congratulations to Northwestern (open), KCKCC (JV) and Wayne (N) for winning their divisions. 

We enjoyed hosting you all and I hope you have safe travels!

Elimination rounds are attached, and below.

Novice Finals
Wayne State CS (Neg) defeated Concordia CT 2-1 Stanley, Justin *Meyer, Jesse Zarazan, Kyle
JV Quarters
Quarterfinal Round Results

Kansas City Ks Cc BM (Neg) defeatedWayne State DJ 3-0 Gonzalez, Josh Hiland, Al Dhillon, Kiran

Augustana Il BC (Aff) defeated Johnson County 0P 3-0 Delong, Brian Sternhagen, Fred Short, Eric

Missouri-kansas City CC (Aff) defeated Kansas City Ks Cc GM 3-0 Spring, Sarah Regnier, Jason Nickel, Kelly

Minnesota HW& Minnesota/IU IL

Semifinal Round Results
Kansas City Ks Cc BM (Aff) defeated Minnesota/IU IL 3-0 Walters, Heather Hill, Luke Lavelle, Katheri

Augustana Il BC (Neg) defeated Missouri-kansas City CC 2-1 Regnier, Jason *Sternhagen, Fred Stout, Dan

Final Round Results

Kansas City Ks Cc BM (Neg) defeated Augustana Il BC 3-0 Morris, Eric Short, Eric Gonzalez, Josh

Octafinal Round Results
Missouri State BN Advances without debating
Iowa ALAdvances without debating
Wayne State KS Advances without debating
Iowa CK Advances Over Iowa LO
Concordia BW(Aff) defeatedWayne State DM 3-0 Archer, Max Peters, Donny Severson, Brian
Northwestern HW(Aff) defeated Minnesota CE 2-1 Morris, Eric *Walters, Heather Kearney, Michael
Missouri State BR (Aff) defeated Illinois State D0 3-0 Barouch, Tim Young, Kelly Hingstman, David
Northwestern FS (Neg) defeated Iowa MW 2-1 Cram Helwich, Da Najor, Bruce *Elliott, Darren

Quarterfinal Round Results
Missouri State BN (Aff) defeated Northwestern FS 2-1 *Hingstman, David Spring, Sarah Gonzalez, Josh
Missouri State BR (Aff) defeated Iowa AL 3-0 Cram Helwich, Da Young, Kelly Najor, Bruce
Northwestern HW(Aff) defeatedWayne State KS 3-0 Delong, Brian Severson, Brian Kearney, Michael
Iowa CK (Neg) defeated Concordia BW 3-0 Morris, Eric Peters, Donny Stanley, Justin

Semifinal Round Results
Iowa CK (Neg) defeated Missouri State BN 3-0 Young, Kelly Cram Helwich, Da Barouch, Tim
Northwestern HW(Aff) defeated Missouri State BR 3-0 Najor, Bruce Hingstman, David Dhillon, Kiran

Final Round Results
Northwestern HW(Neg) defeated Iowa CK 3-0 Morris, Eric Kearney, Michael Archer, Max