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Binghamton Update, Wave the Second
« on: September 15, 2011, 06:14:46 AM »
All Debate:
We currently have 97 policy teams and 64 worlds teams registered for the tournament, totaling 427 people. We are running penny wars to raise money for the United Way of Broome County to establish a fund for uninsured flood survivors who lost everything. For CEDA Nationals we raised close to $1,000 for trafficking survivors. We have more teams in attendance this weekend, which means the opportunity to help and impact the lives of people in a positive way is all the greater! Please bring spare change, extra bills, and enough school spirit to see the donation being made in honor of your debate program.

We are also hosting the tournament waste-free. Please deposit recycling where it belongs, compost where it belongs, and garbage where it belongs. Look for the signs on garbage cans. If there is no sign assume its for just garbage--BUT DON'T JUST THROW ANYTHING IN THERE! Last year we composted 720 gallons of waste (24 full garbage bags) and produced only 120 gallons of garbage (just 6 full bags). This year I hope to do even better. There's no reason an event of this size needs to leave as large of an ecological footprint as it currently does. It's not hard to run your tournaments in this way as well. If you host one you should seriously consider doing it as well.

Policy Debate:
Entries are now closed for policy and prefs are enabled. Please e-mail me any changes at

For prefs you have 6 categories. Your constraints counts as category 5. Category 6 counts as strikes. In Open you need: 11, 11, 11, 7, 7, 5 ; In JV you need: 12, 12, 12, 8, 7, 5 ; In Novice you need: 14, 14, 14, 11, 10, 7. The numbers you see reflected on debateresults reflects novice only. When entering JV and Open prefs go by these numbers. You have until Friday at noon to enter your prefs for them to go into effect round 1.

Registration is in Fine Arts 212. Please instruct your debaters to not throw their stuff all over the 9/11 memorial in the Fine Arts Grand Hallway while waiting for pairings and the start of rounds. There is a nice area with couches down another hallway in the 2nd floor of Fine Arts and nice outside courtyard. Please make use of those locations. Looks like we'll be having good weather so enjoy the outside before winter hits.

Worlds Debate:
Please consult the attached document for your entries to ensure they are correct. There are many people who still have TBAs, ???, and so on. We need those finalized asap. Please e-mail any changes to me at You should also include which teams are novice eligible since we will be having a novice break-outs that will take place during semi-finals.

Worlds also currently has a registration of 64 teams (with the one filler). I would propose that it's worth breaking to octos (a full 50% of the bracket) and either squeeze in round 6 on Saturday or be willing to go longer on Sunday, sticking with the current schedule with the one additional elim. It would means Worlds would end at approximately the same time as Policy. I will default to the will of the Worlds community here so if you have a preference let it be known. I guess I'll use the same motion as Sam.--If no one thinks otherwise by default we will keep the same schedule and add the extra elim round into the schedule.--If you don't want the extra elim round I have no problem breaking only the top 16 for quarters (the top 25%). We could also maybe do this in lieu of a novice break out since it would mean more novices will be making to elimination rounds either. Again, whatever you think: Default is add elim, keep novice break out to just finals.

Friday training and Saturday announcements of rounds will take place in Science 1 149. You should check in at Fine Arts 212 to register either Friday or Saturday morning. This is where your students will also receive their mugs and where lunch and breakfast will be served. Hospitality will be provided in the Science buildings as well.