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Binghamton Update, Wave the Third
« on: September 15, 2011, 05:46:14 PM »
World People: Several of you are bad. You need to e-mail me your novice eligible debaters asap! Kings has judge TBA, HWS owes me three last names, Colgate owes me all of their names. I have only gotten novice entries from Bard and St John have identified novice entries!

Policy People: Prefs are due Friday by noon if you want them in effect for round 1. We have not had many changes judge-wise so all previous pref info remains correct. If you have changes e-mail me ASAP! There is still some judging available for those who need to hire or want to hire to lessen their coaches' commitments. You can contact Rob Noerr of Clarion who's looking to be hired for 3 or me since I know of several more looking to get hired out.

Campus Map: Attached is the campus map that has what buildings and rooms will host which divisions. There is a lot of construction happening on campus. The lines I drew on the map will help you navigate.

Parking: Meter parking is free after 5pm on Friday, and free all day Sat/Sun. Bring some quarters for the time between registration and 5pm. 25 cents gets you 30 minutes.

Fresh Produce: We'll once again have fresh produce. Yes, you can eat the corn without cooking it.

Mugs: Mugs will be available for students to pick up themselves from FA 212. If you don't need one, don't feel like you have to take one. If you end up taking two think about giving us a $1 and if you take more than 2 think of giving us $3 - $5. All mug money will go to help flood survivors like Penny wars.

Penny Wars: Different than in past years. It is cheaper to make other people's cups to go negative than to make yours go positive. The team with the most points by the end of Saturday wins and the donation to the United Way of Broome County is given in honor of your debate program. School jars can be found in FA 212 and S1-149. A penny will get you 5 points, a nickle or dime will get you 10 points, a quarter will take away 50 points, a dollar will take away 100 points, $5 will get you 200 points, $10 will get you 600 points, and $20 will be counted as two $10 bills (so 1,200 points).

Waste Free: Please tell your debaters on your bus and van rides to really try to help. All compostable trash cans will be bright yellow or clearly labelled. Put compostable waste (food, paper, card board, etc) where it belongs. Tell them to strive to produce as little waste as possible so we can all be amazed at what we can do as a community.

Any Changes, Questions, and/or Help: I can be reached by email at (which can also be chatted with via g-chat) or be reached by phone at 607-765-3659. If the question / problem / etc is small and/or simple please send a text instead of calling. I am far more efficient at responding to texts and oftentimes during the course of the tournament I'm doing things that prevent me from answering my phone... but seeing a text lets me know what you need to I can respond immediately or close there to instead of calling voice mail.

BUT MOSTLY- Travel safe, have fun, and I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend!