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joe leeson-schatz

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Thank You!
« on: September 19, 2011, 10:29:17 AM »
Thanks to everyone who attended, despite many having to make last minute arrangements to find a place to stay. This was the cleanest I have ever seen the community be. Clean up this year was a breeze. Thank you! No damage to the 9/11 memorial and the Grand Hallway was always in perfect conditions. In addition, we raised over $100 for flood survivors donated in honor of the University of Rochester. We also  composted 9 20 gallons of garbage, saving 180 gallons of waste from having to go to the land fill. We recycled a large amount of the rest and produced only 6 20 gallon bags of garbage. With over 400 people in attendance it goes to show that we can make serious strides to lessen the ecological footprint of our activity even in large venues.

A big thanks goes out Neil Berch & Christy Webster-Dunn for running the policy tab room despite having to re-enter everyone's prefs by hand. And a big thanks to Tuna for running tab for Worlds in the face of construction and room relocations. If it wasn't for all of you the tournament would not have done as well as it had.

A big congratulations to:

Cornell who defeated CUNY in Open
Newark-Rutgers who defeated Cornell in JV
Army who defeated CUNY in Novice
Vermont who finished 1st against Cornell and Kings in the championship round of Worlds.

And, of course,  thanks to my coaching staff and debaters for helping make the tournament run smoothly as well as all the extra-credit people who helped make the behind the scenes hospitality possible.

Mike Davis

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Re: Thank You!
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2011, 07:31:01 AM »
Thanks to Joe, Guy, Jen and the entire Binghamton crew which hosted a great event.

Special thanks to Joe who helped us find hotels on late Thursday night after our reservations were cancelled on us again. And who arranged for an ambulance to pick up our debater who passed and offered up his parents house for her to stay at (our newly found hotel was still 45 minutes away).

Despite all these problems we had a great time and this is do primarily to our wonderful hosts!