Author Topic: Please enter food prefs & judging  (Read 3290 times)

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Please enter food prefs & judging
« on: December 30, 2009, 01:09:31 AM »
We at UT Dallas are looking forward to hosting the college debate community. The seventh annual Fear and Loathing is going to be largest version yet!  Please enter food pref information (including total attending) and judging information as soon as possible. We are placing food orders soon & we wish to ensure that we have enough for everyone attending.

We also are looking to hire a few extra rounds, especially from those who might fit in a large number of rounds. Please contact me if you have rounds to sell to another team and/or you are willing to judge a round or two extra for pay.

And please contact me if you have any additional questions or concerns related to the UT Dallas tournament. My email address is crb012000 at