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Mountain Debate Tournament
« on: October 07, 2011, 07:02:53 PM »
Dear Debate Community,

You are invited to participate in the Mountain Debate Tournament, November 11-14, 2011, hosted by Appalachian State University in Winston-Salem, NC.

A few quick notes:

-Because squads will inevitably have teams at the Shirley and our tournament, we will try to hold our schedule as close to theirs as possible. Thus, decision times will be 2 hours & 30 minutes and 2 hours & 45 minutes during elims.

-Entries will be open to teams in all divisions (Open, JV, and Novice). Therefore, if you have a team that doesn’t meet the Shirley’s eligibility, they are welcome to debate in our tournament.

-Rounds will be held at North Forsyth High School, 5705 Shattalon Dr, Winston Salem, NC 27105-1397, which is 3 miles (less than 10 minute drive) from Wake. 
The 2011-2012 CEDA resolution

Time limits:

Enter at

Tournament fees are $55.00 per person (debaters, coaches, judges, scouts).

Each school must provide 4 rounds of prelim judging. Judges must vote for one and only one team in each debate and must assign speaker points and ranks in prelim rounds. Again, decision times will be 2 hours & 30 minutes and 2 hours & 45 minutes during elims. Judges should post their judge philosophy at, and address any conflicts prior to the tournament. Judges are also obligated through the first elimination round or one round beyond the elimination of their school, whichever is later.

Speaker Points:
For the sake of uniformity and the judges that may have to be at two tournaments, we will use the 30 point scale with tenths.

Schools should use the wiki and cooperate with any scouting requests. The wiki can be found at For the sake of better debating, teams should submit their most recent affirmative (plans, advantages, add-ons) and negative arguments (cps, theory, da’s, k’s, case negs) by the Tuesday before the tournament.

Tournament Hotel:
The Sundance, 3050 University Parkway, Winston-Salem, NC 27105 (336-723-2911) Group code for online entry: WFU Shirley Debate Room rate is $99.00 for doubles. Our block expires on October 17th. Individual reservation cancellations must be made no later than 72 hours in advance to avoid charges. All elims, including the Shirley, will be held here. Special needs or problems re hotel? Sales contact there is Sheila Small,

Rental Vans:
For vans of all sizes, ask for the Wake Forest Debate rate at Triangle,

Coffee in the mornings. Reception Friday night. Lunch & dinner on Saturday and Sunday. There is also a party for survivors (I will respect trademark) on Monday night after the final round.

We abide by all rules and norms of CEDA and the AFA, including but not limited to CEDA's sexual harassment policy.

All rounds (defined as the speeches and judge critiques) are open to the public and may be electronically recorded.


Friday, November 11
Registration 6-9 pm
Opening Reception: 8:30-10; Heavy appetizers, Coach of the Year award presentation, Paper copies of round 1 & 2 pairings released afterwards, electronic version 15 minutes later.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

8 am – round 1 start

10:30 am – round one decision deadline.

10:30 am – lunch served on campus

11:30 am – round 2 start

2 pm – round 2 decision deadline

2:15 – round 3 (powered) pairings

3 pm – round 3 start

5:30 – round 3 decision deadline

5:30 – dinner served

5:45 -round 4 (powered) pairings

6:45 pm – round 4 start

9:15 pm – round 4 decision deadline

Sunday, November 13, 2011

6:30 am – round 5 (powered) pairings released online and on campus

8 am – round 5 start

10:30 – round 5 decision deadline

10:30 – lunch

10:45 – round 6 (powered) pairings

11:45 – round 6 start

2:15 pm – round 6 decision deadline

2:30 – elimination round pairings

3:15 – elimination rounds start

6:00 – elimination rounds deadline

6:00 – dinner served and awards

Monday, November 14, 2011

11:30 – elimination rounds resume

2:15 – decision deadline

2:30 – postround ends

Elims will proceed with a 2:45 decision deadline, 15 minutes max decision time, & 30 minutes prep time from end of decision time until beginning of the next round.

Sean Ridley

William Mosley-Jensen

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Re: Mountain Debate Tournament
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UGA is looking for a JV swing partner for App State. Let me know if anyone has a similar need. Email  me at wjensen at gmail dot com.

Will MJ