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Judges for First Elim
« on: October 15, 2011, 10:30:54 PM »
We need more judges for the first elim than we did for a prelim round.
The judges below are currently in rounds, all other judges should stand by.
Pairings at 7am, round starts at 8am.

Bellon, Joe
Brown, Nick
Chung, Seungwon
Corrigan, Abraham
Dixon, Lindsay
Galloway, Ryan
Gibson, Kirk
Hennigan, Craig
Johnson, Jessica
Kearney, Michael
Keeton, Joe
Koch, John
Lacy, J.P.
Lamballe, Alex
Malsin, Mikaela
Mathis, Erik
Merritt , Candice
Morris, Eric
Mulholand, Robert
Murray, Athena
Najor, Bruce
Norris, Cameron
Ortiz, Pedro
Peters, Donny
Ridley, Sean
Robish, Kyle
Sciullo, Nick
Sedelmyer, Chris
Simons, Geneva
Swanlek, Aaron
Thomas, Christopher
Turner, John
Verney-O'Gorman, Danielle
Waller, Richard
Weston, Marna
Willis, Kris