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Packet Information,
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29th Annual William DeMougeot  Debates at UNT
January 5-8, 2010

General Tournament Notes:

Tournament Administration

We are fortunate to have Dr. Jeff Jarman assisting us with Tabulation this year.   We will be using Dr. Jon Bruschke’s Computer Assisted Tabulation.  That means we will be able to email pairings directly to participants if their email addresses are entered at

Additionally, we will be able to facilitate electronic ballot submission for those judges with emails entered into the system.  If you have not done so already, please take a moment to enter your judges and debaters at

We are using the 100 point “RKS” scale for speaker points.  Please don’t use half points.  We understand that this transition may be a shaky one at first, but we believe the effort is worth the work.  We encourage discussion about scaling, but have replicated the information used at the Wake Forest Tournament regarding the scale. Given the origins of the scale, this seemed appropriate.

UNT is open, but school is out of session.  You may park anywhere on campus that is NOT a  “A”, Handicap, or service space.  You may park in any metered space, but meters are running over the break.  We have included parking maps.   Or if you wish you may visit  We recommend Lots 50, 54, and 55 (all on the Right hand side of these maps.  Feel free to drop people off in front of the Language Building (Corner of Hickory and Fry Street).

Directions from Hotel to Language Building

Easily viewed at:

Start at Holiday Inn Denton

1. Start out going SOUTH on CENTRE PLACE DR toward S I-35E/STEMMONS FWY.  0.2 mi

2. Turn RIGHT onto S I-35E/STEMMONS FWY E. 0.6 mi

3. Turn RIGHT onto FORT WORTH DR/US-377 N. 0.6 mi

4. Stay STRAIGHT to go onto S CARROLL BLVD. 0.7 mi

5. Turn LEFT onto W MULBERRY ST. 0.5 mi

6. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto AVENUE A. 0.1 m

7. 108 AVENUE A (The Language Building) is on the LEFT.

Directions from Language Building to Hotel
Viewed at

1. Start out going NORTH on AVENUE A toward W HICKORY ST. 0.0 mi

2. Turn RIGHT onto W HICKORY ST. 0.7 mi

3. Turn RIGHT onto S ELM ST/US-377 S/US-77 S.

4. Turn LEFT onto EAGLE DR/US-377/US-77. Continue to follow EAGLE DR/US-77.

5. Turn SLIGHT RIGHT onto DALLAS DR/US-77. 0.6 mi



8. 1434 CENTRE PLACE DR is on the RIGHT.

Buildings in Use
The tournament is running out of the NorthWest corner of Campus.  We are primarily using the Language Building, Cury, and the Auditorium Building.  All of these buildings are close together on the corner of Hickory and Avenue A.

A Campus Map can be found at:

Special Activities
Please enjoy Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and a Reception on Wednesday with us.  We will serve all meals out of Cury 103.  We have the Holiday Inn Ballroom Wednesday night until late, please join us for a reception and a poker tournament.

Thursday night the Hotel has invited us to watch the BCS game at the Hotel restaurant with specials for us regarding food and drink.  I know many are staying, please join us.

2010 William DeMougeot College Tournament
Tuesday, Jan 5th   
7:30 Breakfast at the School, Cury 103

8:30am-10:30am- Round 1

10:30am-12:30pm—Round 2

12:30-1:30 Lunch (On your own)

2:00pm-4:00pm- Round 3

4:30pm Round 4 Pairings released

5:30pm-7:30pm  Round 4
10:00pm Pairings Released for Wednesday

Wednesday, Jan 6th
7:30 Breakfast at the School

8:00am-10:00am Round 5

10:30-12:30pm Round 6

12:30-2:00 Lunch Served in Cury 103

2:00pm Round 7 Pairings released

2:30-4:30pm Round 7 (open only)

5pm-6:30pm Dinner served in Cury 103

6:30pm-8:30pm Double Octafinals

9:00 pm Reception at Holiday Inn Ballroom, Denton
Speaker Awards Presented, Pairings Released, Coaches reception to follow

Thursday, Jan 7th
7:00am Elim Pairings released

8:00-10:00 Octafinals Open


The 100 Speaker Point Scale

DO NOT use half points (or other decimals). Whole numbers only.
DO NOT just replace the tens digit (28 on the old scale is NOT 98 on the new one).
DO NOT worry – we do drop high lows, and your points will likely be as “right” as anyone else’s.
DO  . . . . . look at the picture and read the basic info to guide your assignment of points.


The picture above is just a sketch, but it does suggest a correspondence

The picture shows the following:

The old scale does NOT map linearly – gaps of 0.5 points on the old scale are not uniformly the “size” of 5 point gaps on the new. The “distance” between the old 27 and 28 is greater than 10 points, while the “distance” between 29 and 30 is less than 5 points.
Most debaters at our tournament are in the range between the high 70’s and low 90’s.

For the more verbally inclined:
Think of grades. 90% and above is an A. 80-90 is a B. Assume you are a very kind professor who will give mostly A's and B's and does not want to buck the grade inflation trend (it is unfair to do so since it punishes students relative to their peers merely for having you as the prof., not for the quality of their work).

We have a national tournament with a limited field, so most of the students will be A and B students.

I suspect there are more B students than there are A students (bell curves being what they are). You might usefully think of the A students as the ones that debate well enough that they are likely in the top third of the field.

It should be no source of shame to a student to get a B. A B+ might be saying you are close to getting there.

For those who like to think in other terms, maybe this will help (just a rough guide):

95-100 – No doubt top notch, hard to be much better.
90-95 – Really good, highly effective.
85-90: Powerful but not extraordinary. Proficient break round style.
80-85: Good stuff, but missing what it takes to break into the top national level.
75-80:  Decent. More than one area needs improvement.
70-75: Struggling. Probably bravely and nobly, but struggling nonetheless.