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Parking Info
« on: January 04, 2012, 08:16:59 PM »
There are a few teams that I think are coming that haven't entered yet (which is fine) and haven't sent me any driving info yet (making me nervous!). 

If you intend to come, or think you might intend to come, PLEASE send me your driving info so we can get your vehicle onto the Yard.  If you are renting a vehicle or bringing one owned by your school, this could not be easier, just send me the following:

Name of Driver
Drivers License Number/State

If you are driving your own vehicle, please send me:
Name of Driver
Drivers License Number/State
Vehicle make/model/color/year/plate number and state

If you're bringing a bus, send me any and all info you have about the bus.  In all likelihood, they will board the bus and want to check IDs but after that you should be fine.

Security has tightened this year--I know in the past many of you have been able to use your charm and wits to get past the gate guards, who know there's an event on campus.  That will in all likelihood not be possible this year so don't try it. 

If you think you might come but aren't sure, send me your info anyway.  It doesn't cost us (or you) anything and we can just tear up the pass if you don't end up coming, no big deal. 

Thanks and we are looking forward to hosting you! 

Danielle Verney O'Gorman
Navy Debate

PS: Thanks to those who have already sent me information:

Please make sure you've sent me enough driver info to cover all your vehicles!