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NDT 2012
« on: December 08, 2011, 09:09:18 AM »
General NDT Information

Emory University and the Barkley Forum are pleased to host the National Debate Tournament in 2012.  The tournament will all be held March 29-April 2, 2012.  The Atlanta Marriott Gwinnett Place will be hosting the tournament.  All events will be held at this location. 

•   All debate rounds will be held here.  The hotel has 411 guest rooms in 17 stories.
•   Hotel rates are $99.00 per night for up to four in a room.
•   A combination of 16 conference and 26 parlors and suites will provide sufficient competition space for all rounds.
•   The hotel has sufficient free internet access available and they understand the importance of this feature for the participants of the National Debate Tournament.
•   The NDT will be the only event at the hotel so we will have free run of the hotel.
•   Free and ample parking
•   The hotel is in a large suburban shopping area conveniently located close to restaurants and dining. 
•   You may save money by taking a shuttle to the hotel given that all debates will be held at the Marriott.  There are approximately fifty (50) restaurants within walking distance of the hotel.
•   The hotel is a 35 minute drive from the Atlanta Airport (except during Rush Hour).
•   You can reserve rooms by clicking on the link below.  If that does not work, you might need to cut and past the URL into your browser.
Atlanta Marriott Gwinnett Place >>

Atlanta Marriott Gwinnett Place
1775 Pleasant Hill Road
Duluth, Georgia 30096 USA
Phone:   1-770-923-1775
Fax:   1-770-923-0017

Restaurant Options

The following restaurants are all located within ¾ of a mile of the hotel entrance.  There are many other restaurants within a two-mile radius.

JW’s Steakhouse, Grapevine, Buttons Bar are all located in the hotel
Mediterranean Restaurant
Joe’s Crab Shack
Bahama Breeze
Georgia Diner
TGI Friday
Taste of Chicago
Waffle House
Red Lobster
Burger King
McDonalds (2)
Taco Bell
Super Grand Buffet
Melting Pot
Dynasty Chinese Buffet
Haru Ichiban
Fishermans Bucket
On the Border
Lobster House
International House of Pancakes
La Madelaine Café
Nan & Curry
Purple Rain
Olive Garden
Steak and Shake
Kentucky Fried Chicken
Mozart Café
Sweet Tomatoes
Golden Corral
Wendy’s 22
Indian Cook
Red Garlic
Fung Mei
Jimmy Johns
El Torrero
Italian Buffet
Chowna Buffet
Tentative Tournament Schedule

Thursday, March 29, 2012

9:00-11:00   Registration            Georgia Ballroom Lobby
11:00-2:00   NDT Board of Trustees Meeting   Boardroom 2
2:00-4:00    NDT Committee Meeting      Boardroom 2
7:00      Tournament Announcements      Georgia Ballroom

Friday, March 30, 2012

7:30      Breakfast provided         Georgia Ballroom
8:00       Announcement of Round I      Georgia Ballroom
11:00       Lunch provided          Georgia Ballroom
12:30      Announcement of Round II      Georgia Ballroom
4:30      Announcement of Round III      Georgia Ballroom

Saturday, March 31, 2012

7:30      Breakfast            Georgia Ballroom
8:00      Announcement of Round IV      Georgia Ballroom
11:00       Lunch provided         Georgia Ballroom
12:30      Announcement of Round V      Georgia Ballroom
4:30      Announcement of Round VI      Georgia Ballroom

Sunday, April 1, 2012

7:30       Breakfast            Georgia Ballroom
8:00       Announcement of Round VII      Georgia Ballroom
11:00      Lunch provided         Georgia Ballroom
12:30      Announcement of Round VIII   Georgia Ballroom
4:30      Announcement of Double Octafinals   Georgia Ballroom
8:00       Awards Banquet         Georgia Ballroom

Monday, April, 2012

7:15       Drawing of Octafinal Judges      Georgia Ballroom
7:30      Announcement of Octafinals      Georgia Ballroom
8:30      Octafinal Round begins      Georgia Ballroom

(Rounds continue throughout the day until the conclusion of the final round)


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Re: NDT 2012
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We will make announcements here on the CEDA forums as well as on a web page set up for the 2012 NDT.  The Website is: