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UCF Jeff Butler Debate Position updated
« on: December 13, 2011, 07:22:03 PM »

John. F. (Jeff) Butler Director of Debate & Instructor of Communication

The Nicholson School of Communication (NSC) at the University of Central Florida (UCF) is seeking a highly motivated and exceptionally qualified intercollegiate debate coach to lead UCF Debate in national level intercollegiate debate success. NSC invites applications for the John. F. (Jeff) Butler Director of Debate & Instructor of Communication beginning fall, 2012. This is a 12-month renewable non-tenure track, appointment.

Debate program direction and related duties include recruitment and coaching of national level caliber intercollegiate debate competitors (NDT/CEDA), recruitment and mentoring/supervision of graduate assistant debate coaches, coordinating travel arrangements and travel (including coaching and judging duties) with debaters to tournaments, as appropriate. Responsibilities for debate program administrative functions including budgeting, seasonal tournament planning, record-keeping, student government association (SGA) relations, establishing and enforcing debate team policies, managing assigned space and/or equipment, ensuring compliance with relevant university policies & regulations and coordinating the hosting of high school and intercollegiate debate tournaments on the UCF campus.

Additionally the position assignment includes expectations initiating and sustaining debate alumni relations and providing leadership for external resource development activities (i.e. fund- raising) for the debate program (including working with NSC in securing support for scholarships and supplemental debate budget funding), as well as collaborating with NSC and UCF to promote the debate program on campus and in the region via appropriate publicity, public events and alumni contact.

This 12-month position includes assignment of duties and expectations for “summer” sessions which in addition to one course summer teaching include expectations and assigned duties for debate program administration, new topic prep and research, recruitment activities, coaching and training of debaters, development projects and planning for the next upcoming academic year/season.

The teaching expectation for this position is a “2-2-1” teaching load (two courses each F/S semester and one course in the summer session). Instructional assignment may include teaching large lecture and honor’s courses in communication, speech, argumentation and debate and/or other courses in one’s areas of specialization.

Debate program administration and coaching constitutes significant service to NSC and UCF. Additional “internal” service expectations include appropriate engagement in faculty governance, diversity and other customary service activities consistent with NSC instructors. NSC expects “external” service to the discipline/field, profession and community which may be fulfilled by your participation in any of the following service activities: active in forensics