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Tournament Schedule
« on: December 30, 2011, 06:46:53 PM »
2012 William DeMougeot College Tournament
Monday Jan. 2nd
6-9pm, Registration at the Holiday Inn, Suite 139   
10:00pm Rounds 1 and 2 released at Holiday Inn and Online

Tuesday, Jan 3rd   
7:30-8:30 am Breakfast at Holiday Inn Ballroom

9:00am-11:30am- Round 1
11:30 Round 1 Decision Deadline
11:30-12:30 Lunch Provided (BBQ and Pizza)
12:30pm-3:00pm—Round 2
3:00pm Decision Deadline Round 2
3:30 Round 3 pairings released
4:00pm-6:30pm  Round 3
6:30pm Decision Deadline Round 3
6:30pm-7:30pm Dinner Provided- Asian Fusion from Mr. Chopsticks
7:00pm Round 4 Released
7:30 pm- 10:00 Round 4
10:00pm Decision Deadline Round 4

Wednesday, Jan 4th
7:00am Round 5 released at Holiday Inn and Online
7:00am-8:00am Breakfast at Holiday Inn Ballroom
8:30am-11:00am Round 5
11:00am Decision Deadline Round 5
11:00am-12:00pm Lunch Provided- Fuzzy’s Fish or Chicken Tacos
11:30 Round 6 pairings
12:00pm-2:30pm Round 6
2:30 Decision Deadline Round 6
3:00 Round 7 released
3:30pm-6:00pm Round 7 (Open Only), JV Octas if possible
6:00 Round 7 Decision Deadline Round 7
6:00-7:00pm Dinner Provided Babe’s Fried Chicken Dinner
7:00 Double Octafianls Pairing Released
7:30-10:00pm Double Octafinals Open Only
10:00pm Reception and Awards Assembly at Holiday Inn Ballroom, Speakers only, Doubles awards given in rooms

Thursday, Jan 56h
7:00am Elim Pairings released

7:00-8:00am Breakfast at the Holiday Inn Ballroom

8:30-11:15 Octafinals Open, JV Octas or Quarters

11:15 Decision Deadline Octafinals/JV Octas or Quarters

11:45-Postround discussions must end, panels announced

12:15-3:00 Open Quarterfinals/JV Quarters or Semis

3:00 Decision Deadline

3:30 Postround discussions must end, panels announced

4:00-6:45 Open Semifinals Open/JV Semis or Finals

6:45 Decision Deadline

7:15 Postround discussions must end, panels announced

7:45pm-10:30pm Open Finals/JV Finals if needed

10:30 Final Round Decision Deadline

Elims accelerated if possible