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USC Alan Nichols Tournament Logistics
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2012 USC 'Alan Nichols' College Debate Tournament Logistics

Help during the tournament – If you have any problems, especially including locked classrooms please call or text 213-915-8201 immediately.
Directions to campus – If you are at the Radisson Hotel (3540 South Figueroa Street, Los Angeles California 90007) just walk out across Figueroa Blvd and you will on the USC campus. Please use the crosswalks as Campus police and LAPD are known to write jaywalking tickets.
If you are driving to campus, follow signs for USC off the 110 or the 10. You are looking to enter USC on W Jefferson Blvd at Gate 5.
Parking – If you are staying at the Radisson you should park in their deck and walk to campus. It is basically the same distance from the tournament buildings to the parking lot on campus. If you drive to campus, you should enter Gate 5 (off W. Jefferson Blvd) and purchase a daily parking pass for $8.00. Enter the campus and make a left onto W 34th St. Follow it to the end and park in Parking Structure D (on your left).
Buildings in Use – The attached map lists all buildings in use.
Day 1 (Tuesday) - We are using the Grace Ford Salvatori (GFS) building as our hub. Most open debates, the tab room, breakfast and the dinner will be served here. We also use Taper Hall (THH), SOS and Waite Phillips Hall (WPH) on Tuesday. We do not use the traditional VKC building on Tuesday.
Day 2 – (Wednesday) – We return to the VKC building as our hub. Almost all open debates will be in this building plus the tab room and breakfast will be here. We also use the close by WPH and SOS buildings. The first elim for both divisions (doubles in open and semis in JV will be in VKC).

Day 3 – (Thursday) – All debates at the Radisson on the 2nd floor.


Breakfast - The Radisson provides breakfast each morning for guests. We will also have a light breakfast and coffee each morning.  We are also providing continental breakfast on Thursday at the Radisson.

Lunch – On day 1 we will have boxed sandwich lunches available in each tournament building.  On day 2, we have contracted with two outstanding food trucks to provide lunch. There will be tickets for Don Chow Tacos (Chinese-Mexican Fusion)  and Mandoline Grill (Vietnamese)  in your entry packets.

Dinner – On Day 1, the tournament will offer a buffet from Mo-Chica, a fantastic Peruvian restaurant  Day 2 is traditionally a time where folks eat at different times (because of the first elim round) so we have worked with the Radisson to provide discount cards that you can use at several restaurants within walking distance.

Campus Internet – USC has an open guest wireless network for public use.


A – Online balloting - We are using the CAT software so all ballots can be entered online.

B – Speaker points - We are utilizing a 30-point scale, accepting points in increment of one-tenth of a point. Speakers should be differentiated in each debate. There cannot be any tie within a single debate. We ask that judges not regularly award the bulk of their points at or below the ‘below average’ (27) standard or at or above the ‘very good’ (29) standard. In order for speaker points to have some sense of meaning individual judges must feel comfortable providing evaluations across the range of items.

 C – Obligations - All judges are obligated through the octofinals on the morning of the 5th. Judges are asked to support a healthy educational environment in each debate and to provide a judgment on that debate. All debates must be decided with only one win and only one loss. The tournament will provide a judgment if the assigned judge is unwilling to complete this request.

Elimination rounds – We will clear a full doubles in open and a semis in JV. The JV semis will take place during the doubles and the JV finals will take place during the open quarters.

Tournament Schedule
January 3rd – All rounds at USC
8:00 AM    Round 1
10:30 AM    Round 1 decision deadline
11:00 AM    Round 2
1:30 PM    Round 2 decision deadline
Lunch (Provided by the tournament)
3:00 PM    Round 3
5:30 PM    Round 3 decision deadline
Dinner (Provided by the tournament)
6:30 PM    Round 4
9:00 PM    Round 4 decision deadline

January 4th - All Rounds at USC

8:00 AM    Round 5 pairings released
9:00 AM    Round 5
11:30 AM    Round 5 decision deadline
Lunch on campus (Provided by the tournament)
12:30 AM    Round 6
3:00 PM    Round 6 decision deadline
3:30 PM    Awards Ceremony
4:30 PM    Open Double-Octofinals and JV Semifinals
The full bracket will be released along with these elim pairings
We will release the full octos pairings (with judges) online after the doubles conclude.

January 5th – All Rounds at the Radisson

7:00 AM    Continental breakfast at the Radisson, 2nd Floor.
8:00 AM    Open Octofinals start time
10:45 AM    Octofinals Decision deadline
11:00 AM    Postround ends
11:30 AM    Open Quarterfinals & JV Finals start time
2:15 PM    Decision deadline
2:30 PM    Postround ends
3:00 PM    Open Semifinals start time
5:45 PM    Decision deadline
6:00 PM    Postround ends
6:30 PM    Finals start time
9:00 PM    Finals decision time
Gordon Stables
Assistant Dean for Student Affairs
Director of Debate & Forensics
Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism
University of Southern California