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Cornell Tab Room Update
« on: February 09, 2012, 09:40:49 AM »
Looks like partial octos in Novice and partial quarters in JV and Open. There are 5 prelims in JV and Novice and 6 in Open. As a reminder, the invite states that there will be 4 prelim rounds for every division on Saturday. On Sunday, everyone debates Round 5 in the morning. It's followed by Round 6 in Open which runs at the same time as the first Novice and JV out round. Policy rounds will take place in Uris Hall and Rockefeller Hall.

Please finalize all changes to registration information (teams and judges) via the Bruschke site at by 3PM today. At this time registration will close. All late changes should be emailed to me at My cell is 207.576.6453 if you ever need it.

Prefs will open later on today. I am waiting to hear more about the hired judging situation but once that firms up I will send a follow up email with pref/strike sheet instructions. The pool is small and tight so prefs will be limited. Teams will have until Friday at 4pm to complete ALL preference sheets. All prefs completed after Friday at 4pm will not take effect until Round 3. Each judge at the tournament needs to provide a judging philosophy via Bruschke so that others at the tournament have the necessary information to do their prefs.

Speaker Points: 30 point scale with all tenths allowed. Ties are not permitted.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Christy Webster Dunn
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