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Cornell Round 1
« on: February 11, 2012, 01:17:51 AM »
Cornell Debate Tournament -- Open
City Univ. Of New Yor AC Rutgers-newark RS        Ives Fac 199     Ritchie, Marnie  
Cornell University FY    Rochester AW             Ives Hall 217    Clarke, John     
Cornell University HP    Bard College JJ          Ives Hall 105    Awsare, Shree    
Cornell University KN    Rutgers-newark MK        Ives Hall 103    Martel, Alex     
Richmond (univ. Of) BH   New York Univ. AG        Ives Hall 107    shanahan, b      
Rochester DK             City Univ. Of New Yor BJ Ives Hall 108    Farr, James      
Rochester LR             New School (the) FO      Ives Hall 112    Kozak, Chris     
Rutgers-newark AH        Rochester BS             Ives Hall 116    Na (edwards), Al

Cornell Debate Tournament -- Jv
City Univ. Of New Yor CM Rochester XX             Ives Fac 381     Kelly, Mycal     
City Univ. Of New Yor TS Boston College HT        Ives Fac 289     Merkle, David    
New York Univ. CH        City Univ. Of New Yor GS Ives Fac 198     Flores, Joshua   
Richmond (univ. Of) DI   John Carroll Univ. BP    Ives Faculty 354 Povazhuk, Dima   
U.s. Military Academy AH BYE                 
U.s. Military Academy CC Rochester PR             Ives Fac 281     Luxemburg, Micha
U.s. Military Academy HH City Univ. Of New Yor KT Ives Fac 181     Prabhu, Vinay    
U.s. Military Academy MT Cornell University DV    Rockefeller 102  Barnes, Heather  

Cornell Debate Tournament -- Novice
City Univ. Of New Yor AA Monmouth University RT   Rockefeller 110  Neill, Dan       
City Univ. Of New Yor FS New York Univ. BG        Rockefeller 122  Gunn, John       
Monmouth University AL   Boston College BF        Rockefeller 104  Brossmann, Brian
Monmouth University BP   John Carroll Univ. MS    Rockefeller 182  Johnson, Willie  
Monmouth University CM   Vermont CM               Rockefeller 185  Klinger, Jesse   
Monmouth University KS   New York Univ. KL        Rockefeller 127  Chen, Kevin      
Monmouth University MP   Rochester AM             Rockefeller 132  Davila, Anthony  
Richmond (univ. Of) DS   New York Univ. HK        Rockefeller 128  Lee, Daniel      
Rochester ZZ     U.s. Military Academy SW Rockefeller 103  Mahajan, Saurabh
Rutgers-newark MW        New York Univ. CI        Rockefeller 115  Patten, Joe      
U.s. Naval Academy CZ    Boston College BS        Rockefeller 105  Heitjan, Fred    
U.s. Naval Academy FL    Monmouth University BC   Rockefeller 112  Bartholomae, Mat
U.s. Naval Academy HH    BYE