Author Topic: WVU JV/Novice Nationals Tab Update  (Read 2488 times)


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WVU JV/Novice Nationals Tab Update
« on: February 28, 2012, 04:17:37 PM »
Greetings from the WVU JV/Novice Nationals tab staff!

We will keep entries open until noon on Wednesday.  At that point, we'll close entries in order to give everyone plenty of time to do prefs. Please email any changes to me at My cell is 207.576.6453 if you need it.

A few reminders:
1.  Please check your entry for accuracy.  Especially note that you may not judge 8 prelims at a 7 round tournament.
2.  Please make sure that constraints are accurate for you and your judges.  There are lots of constraints entered in the system that should have expired.  They should be removed.  Conversely, there are obvious constraints that people have not entered into the system.  If you have questions, please ask.  We will not be happy about losing a round of judging because someone forgot to enter a constraint.
3.  Speaking of which, we'd like a cushion so that you can get the best judge preferences possible.  Please consider donating a round or two to the cause.
4.  Since we will be opening judge prefs on Wednesday afternoon, it is imperative that you figure out your judging by the time entries close.