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Selection Process
« on: August 18, 2012, 02:27:44 PM »
Open question: What do people think about how a round robin should do a selection process? Last year we surveyed a broad sample of coaches in the community to help make our decisions about invitations.

Do people think that:

A) All decisions should be made at the discretion of the tournament director and everyone should live with them?

B) a rotating set of rankers can submit hard and binding evaluations (you might even make these people some of the same ones who vote on the first rounds to help them get a jump on the voting)

C) the status quo, which is a more or less republican combination of popular insight with the authority of the tournament director.

Interested to hear people's thoughts. In general I think the only real predisposition I have is that some combination of strength of schedule/elim  depth be strongly represented in the evaluations, and I think I might be a bit of an outlier for thinking teams should be rewarded for going to regional tournaments even if the caliber of competition is slightly lower.

We're excited to make the 2nd year of the Hochmuth a success, and thanks to all the competitors and coaches last year for making it awesome.