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Sunday AM notes
« on: September 15, 2012, 08:20:07 PM »
Hi all!

Thank you for a great day 2 at the Ulrich. A couple of quick things while Augie preps...

1. We are in Sabin tomorrow. Sabin is located to the west of the Maucker Union on the main campus (about a 2 minute walk from the West end of Lang). From the MMTC, the easiest way to access Sabin is to cross the street (West 23rd), and walk west on the sidewalk next to the construction gate. Follow the sidewalk up the hill and take a right at the Union. Follow the Union around until you reach the Fountain. Sabin is the large classroom building to the left of the fountain. We will have coffee, donuts, bagels, etc., waiting for all of you.

See Sabin on a map! (Sabin is 34 on this map)

2. Awards will be in Sabin 002 tomorrow morning, the large auditorium on the ground floor.

3. Breakfast will be served on the ground floor in the atrium in Sabin.