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Kentucky update
« on: September 17, 2012, 01:24:11 PM »
We have a fairly long waiting list of teams looking to enter the tournament.  I would like to start admitting them on Thursday so they can make travel plans.  It would be a great help if all schools intending to enter the tournament could do so by Wednesday evening.  There seems to be a bug where new schools entering now are going straight to the waitlist... I will manually add your teams that are not over the 4 team initial maximum.

Please email me at <reed.andrea at> if you have any vegetarians or vegans that need to be accounted for in the catering order.

As a reminder, we unfortunately cannot accept payment in cash. If you need an invoice ahead of time (I can't tell if that feature on is working), we can do that.

Lastly, we always need to hire a few rounds for judging for the tournament... let me know if you are interested.  Volunteers obviously welcome too.  And as always, if you will be around for late elims, we very much appreciate those willing to judge the semis and finals.  We can potentially get you a hotel room if you need it.  Let me know if anyone has issues with the judge hiring exchange.  Thanks!