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Binghamton Alumni Judge Descriptions
« on: September 19, 2012, 08:00:19 AM »
(because I can't figure how to enter them myself on tabroom)...

Here is the rundown about the Binghamton judges that are up (in the order I'd pref them in):

Matt Malia: Qualified for NDT 4 times. Coaches at Edgemont HS. Actively involved in debate. The best of our alumni judges coming back. Will vote for who wins.

Xiong Ni: Debated for Binghamton at the same time as Matt for 3.5 years. Ran both policy and critical arguments and has returned to judge for us a few times. He will be fine with speed but hasn't listened to anyone speed read for a couple of years so make sure you're clear.

Cecilia Hagen: She's new to our staff and will be travelling a lot with us this year. She has watched about 7-8 practice debates at this point straight through the Varsity level so she should be fine for novice-level speed. Doesn't have a firm opinion on argumentative style but makes intelligent decisions.

Josh Frumpkin: Debated novice all of last year fairly successfully. Prefers policy arguments. Can handle speed. Is good with working with novices and teaching people how to debate. He will be debating for us later this year in higher divisions but has been spending his time doing LSAT work thus far.

Adam Friedman: He's been judging for us about twice every other year for the past ten years. He prefers critical arguments, and especially performative ones. He is less comfortable with speed. He is well versed in critical literature and activism and he keeps up with current politics. He is not your best line-by-line judge but a decent content judge.