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Rd 1
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UGLY Pairings below.
Attached, too.

Start time:  4:15


Elliott, Scott   Augustana College - Engelhardt and Heidtke   Kansas - Garrett and Hampton   Room 3414
Sternhagen, Fred   Northern Iowa - Shew and Simonson   Central Oklahoma - Botkin and Yost   Room 3506
Stanley, Justin   Kansas - Harris and Wefald   Missouri State - Carlson and Hornsby   Room 3413
Bunas, Shae   Kansas - Carey and Goh   Kansas City Kansas CC - McFarland and Russell   Room 3503
Fifelski, Kurt   Kansas - Kearney and Mapes   Wichita State - Donnell and Sullivan   Room 3406
Moore, Matthew   Missouri - Kansas City - Ajisafe and Brunson   Kansas - Bevens and Miller   Room 3505
Taylor, James   Kansas - Norman and Sears   Missouri State - Parsian and Russo   Room 3401
Gagnon, Julian   Concordia College - Nesiba and Walker   Missouri - Kansas City - Desai and McGuinness   Room 3402
Kirk, Justin   Missouri - Kansas City - Chang and Wakeman   Emporia State - Biswell and Williams   Room 3451
Munday, Matt   Central Oklahoma - Dickerson and Vance   Kansas - Howell and Vedantam   Room 3404
Vega, Matthew   Kansas - Getto and Wood   Missouri State - Johnson and Tindall   Room 3407


N/A, N/A   Central Oklahoma - Bates and Munday   N/A   
Krueger, Mike   Johnson County Community College - Jones and McMahon   Kansas - Riley and Swick   Room 2102
Nickel, Kelly   Wichita State - Fischer and O'Donnell   Kansas State - Mosher and Thompson   Room 3202
Tews, Richard   Concordia College - Amos and Thoma   Kansas State - Condreay and Lillie   Room 2104
Chase, Allie   Kansas City Kansas CC - Glanzman and Loken   Johnson County Community College - Nation and Walters   Room 2103
Edwards, Caleb   Concordia College - Knudtzon and Martin   Lindenwood - Collins and Nave   Room 2105
Loghry, Chris   Johnson County Community College - Brower-Freeman and Cardenas   Kansas City Kansas CC - Cummings and Parks   Room 2101
Bricker, Brett   Missouri State - Gillespie and Hall   Emporia State - Joseph and Morgan   Room 2110
Kearney, Mike   Kansas State - Mohan and Simons   Missouri - Kansas City - Alexander and Clark   Room 3201
Wonnacott, Mark   Lindenwood - Fallon and Mire   Southern Methodist (SMU) - McAulliffe and Reyes   Room 2108


Coker, Calvin   Lindenwood - Cisneros and Hafner   Kansas City Kansas CC - Taylor and Walker   Room 3206
Norton, Nick   Central Oklahoma - Caroselli and Johnson   Lindenwood - Pierce and Riley   Room 3204
Burns, Rob   Kansas State - Markou and Thomas   Johnson County Community College - Luckey and Warren   Room 3203
Rao, Ravi   Southern Methodist (SMU) - Friedlander and Raza   Augustana College - Brosch and Rizvi   Room 3205