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KCKCC Special Awards
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Each year we hand out some special Awards at our tournament.  We give out the Dr. Amy Fugate CEDA/NDT Leadership Award to someone dedicating themselves to leadership to the Policy Debate organizations.  Dr. Fugate was long-time Director at Johnson County CC and most successful Director of that program cemented by her dominance of Phi RHo Pi, former D3 Chair, long-time President of the CC organization Phi Rho Pi, and former Dean of Humanities at KCKCC where she accrued the funding to start the policy program in 2002 and subsequently hired me to be in charge.  I owe her a lot, but debate owes her plenty of thanks as well.  Currently the VP of Academic Services at Mott CC in Flint, MI, Dr. Fugate appreciates the award named in her honor.  We give out the Coaches Award to recognize Assistant Directors/Coaches who are the backbone of many programs.  We give out the Top 3 Critics Awards to those most preferred by the debaters in attendance.

I am pleased to announce this year's recipient's:
The Dr. Amy Fugate Leadership Award is presented to Jon Bruschke of CSU Fullerton.  Jon's continued service to the community is amazing.  His commitment to providing a site as awesome as debateresults, and his commitment to the transition to the site as well as his continued work on computer tabbing programs is beyond compare.  I told our guests in attendance, that even though we may be frustrated with changes, even if bugs in the new system cause us to complain (and I am not immune from being one of those who have), imagine how much worse we'd be without Jon and his work.  The days of tabbing on cards, no preference system for judges, and not knowing how our friends around the country were doing at tournament are long gone.  Jon has revolutionized both tabbing AND historical memory keeping.  During our tournament, Jon fielded phone calls interrupting family time on multiple occasions to make sure a tournament over a thousand miles away was running efficiently.  We can never pay him enough in honors or monetary compensation. I too have to remind myself, no matter how frustrated the tech makes us, only Jon was willing to step up and provide it--for free!  I'll save the long diatribe, but almost a decade ago many of us called for a systematic approach and commitment of resources to achieve it.  The organization(s) would not commit.  Momentum never caught on.  And quietly, Jon, on his own time, continued to do what he does.  Make things better just so the rest of us could complain it isn't good enough, forgetting, without him, it wouldn't exist at all.  So to Jon, thank you for your continued leadership to the policy debate community.  (Previous recipients were ML Sandoz, Jeff Jarman, Eric Morris, Neil Berch, Gordon Stables, Kathryn Rubino, Gary Larson, Skip Eno and Vik Keenan)

The Coaches Award goes to Chris Salinas, Assistant Director at Southern Methodist University.  Chris is one of the most personable people in collegiate debate.  His sense of fair play and ethics is a model all should strive for.  Chris is an advocate for students, whether his or someone else's.  Chris does not let the negative sides of competition overwhelm his role as educator and coach.  Chris has a demeanor that makes him fun to be around, someone to seek out at tournaments and someone you know you will always have a pleasant encounter with.  Chris is an advocate for all levels of debate, always having teams competing at all levels from Novice to JV to Open.  It is with great pleasure that we recognize Chris as one of the best Assistant Coaches/Directors in the country and we are glad to have him in D3!  (Previous recipients were Heather Walters, James Taylor, Matt Moore, Jason Russell, Louie Petit, Carolyn Cusick, Cade Hamilton, Natalie Pennington, Mick Souders, and Jason Regnier)

The top 3 critics as recognized by those in attendance are no surprise.  I was pleased to present those awards to judges from 2 of my alma maters, Chris Loghry of Emporia State and Matt Coleman of Wichita State, and to a debater I had the utmost respect for and someone I consider a friend, Brett Bricker of the University of Kansas.