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West Point Invite
« on: October 16, 2012, 08:12:12 AM »
Here is the link and below is the invite.

46th Annual West Point Debate Tournament
October 19 – October 21, 2012
United States Military Academy at West Point, NY
* Entry and Deadlines: tournament entries, including all contestant
judge conflicts should be made through Please
enter the tournament by October 17, 2012 at 5PM. Be sure to email late
entries or any last minute changes to and If changes occur after 12PM on Friday
October 19, please call them into the tab room landline at (845)
938-7503. Please use this number to communicate with the tab room
during the tournament as there is very limited cell reception in
Thayer Hall.
After registering, judging preferences and strikes should be complete
no later than Thursday (October 18, 2012).
* Resolution: The tournament will be debating the 2012-2013 CEDA
resolution, which is Resolved: The United States Federal Government
should substantially reduce restrictions on and/or substantially
increase financial incentives for energy production in the United
States of one or more of the following: coal, crude oil, natural gas,
nuclear power, solar power, wind power.
* Format: Three divisions of debate will be offered: novice, junior
varsity, and varsity.
* Time limits for speeches are 9-3-6 with 10 minutes of preparation time.
*There will be six preliminary rounds. Rounds one and two will be
pre-set. Rounds three through six will be power matched.
* The tournament will be tabbed by the West Point coaching staff. We
are offering MPJ in all three divisions. These rankings and strikes
may not take effect for rounds 1 and 2 if they are not submitted
before Friday 19 October at The final round
will be judged by a distinguished panel of academic and policy experts
in the topic area.
* An appropriate number of elimination rounds will be offered in
accordance with applicable rules and based on the size of the
*Entries: Enter as many teams as you like in each of the three
divisions. If entries exceed room availability, latecomers may be
*Awards: Awards will be based on the number of entries. The first
place varsity team will also take home the USMA Traveling Trophy (a
mounted Cadet Sabre) for one year.
*Fees: 90 per team and 30 per judge/observer.

*Judging: one judge is required for every two teams entered and must
be entered on the with their conflicts and any division
qualifications. Uncovered teams will be charged an additional $100
judging fee. Judging obligations extend through the octafinal round or
one round beyond that in which your team is eliminated. IF YOU ARE
unless the team has made other arrangements. All judges must render a
decision no later than two hours after the scheduled start of the
round. If 2 hours and 15 minutes have elapsed we will flip a coin to
determine the next rounds’ pairing.
*Hotel information: West Point is “geographically challenged” and many
of the larger hotel chains are in Newburgh, approximately a 30 minute
drive from campus. BLOCK PRICING TO COME.
1) Knights Inn (845) 564-9020 (formerly Quality Inn)
Newburgh, NY. Approximately 35 minutes from West Point. Group Rate $70
per night w/ breakfast included.  Rooms reserved under "West Point
Debate Tournament".
2) Comfort Inn Newburgh (845) 567-0567
Newburgh, NY. Approximately 35 minutes from West Point.  Group Rate
$82 per night w/ breakfast included.  Rooms reserved under "West Point
3) Econo Lodge (845) 446-9400
Highland Falls, NY. Approximately 5 minutes from West Point. Group
Rate $129 per night w/ breakfast included.  Rooms reserved under "West
Point Debate Tournament".
4) Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites (845) 446-4277 Fort Montgomery,
NY. Approximately 10 minutes from USMA.  Approximate rate: $150 per
night.  Limited availability.
5) Hampton Inn (845) 782 9600
Harriman / Woodbury, NY.  Approximately 15 minutes from USMA.
Approximate rate: $200 per night.
6) Hampton Inn (845) 567-9100
Newburgh, NY. Approximately 40 minutes from USMA. Approximate rate: $135.
7) US Academy Motel (845) 446-2021
Highland Falls, NY. Approximately 2 minutes from USMA. Limited availability.
8) West Point Motel (845) 446-4180
Highland Falls, NY. Approximately 2 minutes from USMA. Limited availability.

*Directions to West Point: West Point is in the Hudson Valley
approximately one hour north of NYC. Access via the NY Thruway (84) to
9W South, exit at 218 and follow signs to West Point or, the New
Jersey Turnpike (I-95) to the Palisades Parkway to Bear Mountain
Bridge then follow the signs to West Point.
*We recommend that you enter USMA through Thayer Gate (in Highland
Falls). You can also enter from Stony Lonesome gate (along 9W).
*Tournament Registration: Registration will be held in Thayer Hall
Rotunda Friday afternoon from 1:00 pm to 3:45 pm. Off-load evidence
and debaters on Thayer Roof at the southern staircase (we’ll have a
few spots reserved for unloading). Parking will be in Clinton Field
Lot (near the baseball field and tennis courts). Be advised that
classes will be in session (until 1600) during registration; we ask
all teams to please be quiet in the halls.
*Transportation: The closest airport is Stewart International Airport
in Newburgh New York. Other airports in the region include Newark (1.5
hours), LaGuardia and JFK (1.5-2 hours depending on traffic). Consult
your travel agent and MapQuest for driving directions. The closest
train is Garrison (approximately 11 miles, directly across the Hudson
*Several post security measures are in effect. Please ensure that
everyone over the age of 16 carries a photo ID with them at all times.
Vans, buses and cars are subject to a routine search at the gate (plan
on an extra 15 minutes). We recommend that you enter post from Thayer
Gate (in Highland Falls).

* Tournament Schedule
Friday, 19 October
(Off load debaters and evidence on Thayer Hall Roof, southern staircase)
1:00 – 3:45 Team Registration Thayer Rotunda
5:00 – 7:00 Round 1 Thayer Hall
7:00 – 9:00 Round 2 Thayer Hall

Saturday, 20 October
7:00 – 8:00 Continental Breakfast Thayer Rotunda
8:00 – 10:00 Round 3 Thayer Hall
10:00 – 12:00 Round 4 Thayer Hall
1200 – 1:15 Lunch Thayer Hall
1:15 – 3:15 Round 5 Thayer Hall
4:00 – 6:00 Round 6 Thayer Hall
6:30 – 8:30 Partial Double Octafinals Thayer Hall

Sunday, 21 October
7:00 – 8:00 Coffee and Juice Thayer Rotunda
8:00 – 10:00 Octafinals Thayer Hall
10:30 – 12:00 Brunch and Awards West Point Club
12:30 – 2:30 Quarterfinals Thayer Hall
3:00 – 5:00 Semifinals Thayer Hall
6:00 – UTC Final Round Thayer Hall