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West Point Judging
« on: October 18, 2012, 09:41:42 AM »
To aid in the pref process I thought I'd email with a quick breakdown of the West Point judging (and by that I mean the people you don't know).

Carter and Himmelberger are SOC profs who have seen a debate and are judging for the first time. They are in for a max of two rounds (99% sure they will only judge 1 debate as they both are watching round 1). They probably prefer policy oriented, slower style debates.They are all Novice only judges.
Lacovara (our OIC), Miller, and Smith are Novice only professors who have judged and traveled before on a limited basis.
Hodgkins, Corneilis, Allen and Hurd are all current USMA Open/JV debaters who are Novice only. All are fine with speed and a variety of arguements. They will be used only if the need arises.
COL Meese most of you know. He was a former WP debater and coach who now judges once or twice a year and gives the speech at breakfast on Sunday morning. He is policy leaning and fair.