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West Point Tab Update #1
« on: October 17, 2012, 01:43:53 PM »
Greetings from the West Point tab staff!

Everyone here at USMA is busily preparing to host you all in the beautiful Hudson Valley this weekend for what promises to be 3 days of fun and good competition. It looks like we will have about 100 teams this weekend with partial double octos in Novice. We will be doing everything we can to ensure the smooth and efficient running of the tournament.

We have a few milestones we wanted teams and coaches to keep in mind as you are preparing for the tournament this week.

Registration: Please finalize all changes to registration information (teams and judges) via the by
6pm today. At this time registration will be closing. After 6pm, all late changes should be emailed to me at, Kathryn Rubino at  and Joe Patrice at . Each judge at the tournament needs to provide a judging philosophy via their Tabroom account so that others at the tournament have the necessary information to do their prefs. If you don’t know how to add yours please feel free to send it to me via email and I will upload it for you. Please email me with all judge conflicts. Also, let us know if any of your judges (hired or otherwise) are not available for rounds on Friday afternoon. Registration will take place on Friday from 1-3:45 PM in the Thayer Hall Rotunda.

Preferences: INVITE REVISION. Since we have to use the CAT, we will utilize ordinal rankings instead of categories.

In order to ensure that this process runs smoothly and that each team is afforded the best prefs possible, please know that the following deadlines will be strictly adhered to. Prefs for all divisions will open at tonight at 9PM. Teams will have until Friday at 10:30AM to complete ALL preference sheets. All prefs completed after this deadline will not take effect until Round 3.

Speaker Points: 30 point scale with all tenths allowed. Ties are also permitted.

Internet: Internet access by visitors and guests at West Point is very restricted. Like last year, we will offer a couple of rooms in Thayer Hall (the building where ALL rounds take place) that will have Internet access for tournament coaches, guests and participants.

CEDA East Regional Meeting: It will take place during Round 5 on Saturday. Each CEDA East school is permitted to remove one of its coaches from the Round 5 judging pool to attend the meeting on their behalf.

Let us know if you have any lingering questions or if there is anything we can do to make your experience with us easier/more pleasurable and we will try our best to accommodate.


Christy, Joe and Kathryn
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