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UCO Tournament Notes and Updates
« on: October 30, 2012, 01:31:41 PM »
Hi Folks,
The tournament is just a few days away. A few things going into the rest of the week.
First, if the Novice entry stays the same we will have a five round novice round robin that breaks straight to finals. If another team from a different school signs up we can make it a six round round robin. If a team drops, then the division will be collapsed into JV and the top novice team and speakers will receive awards.

Second, please finalize your judge entry ASAP. A few schools have no judges, while others have not enough on the hopes that hired judges might appear. They will not. If you have some extra rounds to give please enter them into the judge hiring exchange.

For those of you stuck out east, please travel safe and let me know if Sandy means changes to your entry or travel plans.

We look forward to hosting everybody this weekend. It is also UCO's homecoming weekend so those of you who are Thunder fans can go see our homecoming parade with its Grand Marshall Russell Westbrook Saturday morning.