Author Topic: NDT Dues - Payment Update 11/1  (Read 2213 times)


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NDT Dues - Payment Update 11/1
« on: November 11, 2012, 04:54:54 PM »
The list below includes all schools with NDT subscriptions paid as of 11/1/12. If you have paid by mail and/or requested a receipt, you can expect to receive it in the mail within the next week or so.

Please recall: as of November 1, the fee is $100 per school. Schools must be subscribed to the NDT to be eligible to compete at the National Debate Tournament. Please support our organization with your subscription.

We prefer payment by cash or check. Paying by cash or check saves our organization the 3% fee charged for credit cards, and that money helps keep our tournament fee low.

I will be at NCA in Orlando this week, and would be happy to accept payments. I will be at the NDT Board of Trustees Meeting, the NDT committee meeting, and the AFA reception (in addition to other assorted locales-if you pay me at Sea World I'll owe you a candy or something).

Your can mail your payment to me at:

c/o Danielle Leek
2217 Cambridge Dr Se
Grand Rapids, MI 49506

Payments may also be made online at the AFA website.

Looking forward to seeing many of you this week.

Danielle Leek
NDT Treasurer

PAID NDT - As of November 1, 2012
Arizona State
Boston College
California State University-Fresno
California State University-Northridge
Clarion University
Concordia College
Dartmouth College
Emporia State
Idaho State University
Illinois State University
Macalester College
Sacramento City College
San Francisco State
University of Georgia
University of Kentucky
University of Louisville
University of Mary Washington
University of Michigan
University of Missouri-Kansas City
University of Northern Iowa
University of Notre Dame
University of Puget Sound
University of Richmond
University of Rochester
University of Texas-Austin
Wayne State University
Whitman College