Author Topic: 2012 results - short version  (Read 4279 times)

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2012 results - short version
« on: November 19, 2012, 09:35:35 AM »
Congratulations to Liberty on their sweep and closing out Novice and JV, and winning Finals.

Also, Congrats to Army, both in the Finals of Open and in Sems of Novice.  WVU did well with a Rutgers swing partner and was in the other Novice Sem.  Bing also made it to Sems in JV.

Finally, thank you to the whole Rutgers crew for their hospitality; and particularly thank you to Demundo for whatever he does that makes him mutually preferred by everyone and giving us some extra rounds (also thanks to Godbey and Grau helping the tournament out with judging beyond their commitment), to Cory for putting up with me (and CAT) in tab, and to Kozak for keeping it all together.