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2013 Val Browning Round Robin Invite Now Posted
« on: November 27, 2012, 12:33:50 PM »

Dear Debate Community,

Weber State Debate invites you to the 16th annual Val A. Browning Round Robin (1.26-1.27.13).

Why come to the Val?

1.  Adam Symonds, Director of Forensics at Arizona State University, is our tab room director.

2.  There are NO entry fees for any attendees.

3.  No food costs:  All three meals on both days are catered by Sodexho.

4.  All rounds will be in the nicest rooms of the Student Union, same as the N.D.T.

5.  No rental car required. We will pick you up from the airport, provide a free shuttle bus to the campus, and return you for your flight.

6.  Beautiful trophies, including the Val A. Browning’s Coach of the Year award.

7.  Cheap motel rooms.  If you want to stay at the Marriot, we can arrange that (rate code forthcoming).  If you want to stay cheap, you can stay for as little as $58 a night at the Day’s Inn down the street from campus.

8.  We’re an open and inclusive round robin, dedicated to the notion that the round robin format provides a unique education experience for debaters of all experience levels, regions, backgrounds, and viewpoints. 

9.   You’ll have time off to enjoy the tournament, enjoy the town, visit with friends, or visit Salt Lake City.

10.  Plenty of hospitality to compliment your stay.  Local drivers will be on call.

 Normally, we have a pool of somewhere between 12-16 teams that we place in two competitive balanced pods of 6-8 teams each.  Preliminary debates are intra-pod and subsequently followed by either 1 or 2 elimination rounds.  The elimination rounds will be inter-pod.  These numbers are not fixed at the moment, as our first concern is accommodating all parties who would like to join us.  However, these numbers will be formally announced on December 15, 2012.

We are using this year’s Val as an opportunity to test all the operational logistics for the N.D.T., from the caterings to our own S.S.I.D. (and whole bunch of other stuff), we are going to work hard to make sure we’ve got this right.  As a result, this year’s Val’s guests are going to be our feedback group!  Thus, you can rest assured that this year’s Val will be like no other, and that your participation will help make the N.D.T. as special as possible for our next group of guests to Ogden.

Our Best and Warmest Regards,

Omar, Ryan, Jamie, Veronica, and all the rest of the ‘Cats.


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Re: 2013 Val Browning Round Robin Invite Now Posted
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Interested teams should email