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USC Registration / Check-in information
« on: January 01, 2013, 04:50:18 PM »
Hope everyone is having a great 2013.

We are looking forward to your arrival in Los Angeles. We know many folks are traveling tomorrow and that delays are normal at this time of year. Accordingly, we ask for your help.

Departure checkin - At some point tomorrow when you know that your squad is in transit, please let me know via text at 213-915-8201 or email -   This way if you can confirm any drops and we can make adjustments to the pairings.

Prefs are due by 5 pm and we will be in touch during the day if we are still missing your prefs.

Payment and final check-in - We will be in the lobby of the Radisson from 6-8 pm tomorrow. Assuming everyone has checked in from the road, this should be very simple. We are still using the original schedule (included below).

Pairings release by 9 pm. We will release pairings once we have final confirmation of teams. This could be early, but it will be released no later than 9 pm.

Travel safely and let us know if you have any questions.


January  3rd – All rounds at USC
(The central tournament hub will be at the VKC plaza)

9:00 AM   Round 1
11:30 AM    Round 1 decision deadline

Boxed lunches will be provided by the tournament. They will be made available from 11:30 am until 3:15 pm so tournament participants can pick them up at their convenience.

11:45 AM    Round 2
2:15 PM   Round 2 decision deadline

3:15 PM    Round 3
5:45 PM   Round 3 decision deadline

Dinner (provided by the tournament)

7:00 PM    Round 4
9:30 PM   Round 4 decision deadline     

January 4th - All Rounds at USC
(The central tournament hub will be at the VKC plaza)

8:00 AM    Round 5 pairings released
9:00 AM    Round 5
11:30 AM   Round 5 decision deadline

Lunch on campus (Provided by the tournament)

12:30 PM    Round 6
3:00 PM   Round 6 decision deadline

3:30 PM    Awards Ceremony
4:30 PM    Open Double-Octafinals and JV Semifinals
      The full bracket will be released along with these elim pairings
      We will release the full octos pairings (with judges) online after the doubles concludes

January 5th – All Rounds at the Radisson (2nd floor)

7:00 AM     Continental breakfast at the Radisson, 2nd Floor.
8:00 AM    Open Octafinals start time
10:45 AM   Octafinals Decision deadline
11:00 AM   Postround ends

11:30 AM    Open Quarterfinals & JV Finals start time
2:15 PM   Decision deadline
2:30 PM   Postround ends

3:00 PM   Open Seminfinals start time
5:45 PM   Decision deadline
6:00 PM   Postround ends

6:30 PM   Finals start time
9:00 PM   Finals decision time
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