Author Topic: 2013 Owen L. Coon Update #3: Judging, Catering Information, paper or paperless?  (Read 2661 times)

Tim Barouch

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Hi all: Two updates:

1) Judging... As things stand today, the Coon appears significantly short on judging. We urge all teams to finalize their judging ASAP so that everyone can start doing prefs. As a reminder, tabroom will think that you have satisfied your judging commitment with 4 rounds per team .... but the tournament requires 5 rounds of judging for each team after the 2nd that you bring. Per the invitation:

Judging: Each school must provide 4 rounds of prelim judging for each of their first two teams and 5 rounds of judging for each additional team.

If you are hiring judging from outside of your school’s staff/alumni, and the tournament cannot place your judges into the required number of rounds, the tournament reserves the right to: 1) adjust the judging obligations of your other judges (adding rounds of commitment to those of your judges who are easier to place), and/or 2) charge your school $30.00 per round of unmet obligation.

2) Total Party information: a few folks have contacted me and told me that tabroom won't let them adjust their numbers. Please email me separately ( with this information as soon as possible (total # in party, #vegetarians, # vegans). It's important for us to be able to complete catering for the weekend, and we don't want a bunch of disappointed vegetarians on our hands....

Also, please include in your information whether you are a paper team, so we can map out our evidence-moving service (which we'll continue to offer...)

Have a nice weekend everyone!