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NDT Overflow Hotel Block + Conference Room Space
« on: February 01, 2013, 03:17:01 PM »
I just wrapped things up with the Hilton Garden Inn and I have good news for folks who are still in need of rooms for the NDT.

They have agreed to an $85/night rate for doubles.  Also, they have prioritized placing doubles in the block.  I was told that they always price at least $15 above the Marriott without exception so it was a real coup to get them to come down from their $99 group rate.  It is a very nice hotel with all the bells and whistles, just smaller than the Marriott by about 100 rooms.

I will have a link by Monday that can be used to reserve rooms in the block online.  Once I have the reservation information, I will be posting it here.

This hotel will provide all the same amenities as the Marriott including free internet, free parking and no resort fees. 

It is  important to note that the Hilton is only .33 miles walking distance from the front door of the Marriott.  I've walked more at tournaments just for being in an unfortunate bracket.  Mapquest clocks it in as a 1 minute drive and the Marriott has more than ample open parking to include the Hilton guests.  You can see the attached map to see how very close they are.

That said, because they are so close, the bus pickup will still be at the Marriott only.  So if you would like to use the tournament provided transportation option, you'll have to walk across 24th street on the pedestrian crosswalk.

More Conference Room Space Available:

Opening up a new hotel option, also brings with it the ability for people who were shut out at the Marriott to reserve conference room space for work sessions.  It also makes conference room space available on Monday during elims across the street. I do not know to what extent that interests folks, but if it is of interest, that will also be available.

You can check out the hotel here:

And if you have any questions about the Hilton option, feel free to email me:

I'll be posting ASAP with reservation info!