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Northeast Region Meeting Notes from 10/17/09
« on: October 20, 2009, 04:52:56 PM »
Regional Meeting – West Point: 10/17/2009, 13:45

Present are representatives from Bard, Binghamton, BC, Cornell, CUNY, Monmouth, New School, NYU, Rochester, West Conn, West Point, West Virginia.

Absent from Meeting: Columbia, Dartmouth, Fordham, Harvard, Marist*, Rutgers, UMASS, Vermont


1.   Upcoming CEDA/NDT meetings/amendments:
•   Yes, there will be a hybrid vote at NCA for the NDT.  No one in the entire region objects to the proposal.
•   Binghamton is offering a bid to host CEDA Nats in 2011.  Hot Chocolate for all!!!  Definite possibilities for Region with Nats in driving distance, which it really hasn’t been since 1998 at Rochester (Rubino and Keenan have sudden post-traumatic episode related to snow and tunnels).

In light of this possibility …
•   Overwhelming favor the Novice Break Out in Elims
o   Ken Johnson notes following suggestion:
o   It should be during Doubles or Partial Quads, so later in tournament novi available to watch or go home.
o   No one seems to see this as an unreasonable extension of CEDA exec powers.  Patrice notes that the powers are quite limitless actually.

•   Reminder about New Forums from CEDA Website
o   SCHATZ: EMAIL THE FORUMS TO ME! Or a digest.  Current Forums = more work surfing through
o   BAKER: Archive of Forums ? Posting to multiple Forums easily?
o   RUBINO:  But is there a logo?  No, really. 

2.   Regional Rep Nominations
After a momentary game of “Not It”, and multiple people forgetting to point to nose,
a.   Vik Keenan
b.   Warren Decker
In a follow-up conversation, Decker says he is quite honored by the nomination.  He may have been sleep deprived.

3.   Novice Break-Out @ CEDA NATS covered above.

4.   Regional Opener at Kings – Changes to Schedule
•   Proposal:  With Mike Berry announcing that it was the last Kings tournament, and with Clarion seeming firm in recent weekend choice, Does NE want to take over the Kings weekend opposite GSU to provide the local opener, and not conflict with Clarion? 

•   Two Points in favor: Electronic Intel makes attending GSU less necessary, attending Clarion is good and easy for lots of Regional Teams.
o   RUBINO: In favor.  Who may not be in favor?
o   KEN JOHNSON: Wants GSU off, Clarion start, and opposite Regional Opener opposite KY/Vegas
o   SCHATZ – Favor of Kings weekend: 1) good new debater test, 2) otherwise behind ball as a region, split squads no have the resources to do so, forced choice.
o   Footnote, Bing is willing host next year open
o   BAKER: REGIONAL OPENER MUST BE CLOSE –the drive is the incentive for many
o   BERCH – Bing is MOST centrally located.  Equidistant to Burlington and Morgantown
o   WILCOX – the Kings weekend  is additional beaurocratic issue, need stuff in Summer to budget.
o   BAKER:  State Schools,etc– issue gets worse.  At least a month in advance

•   OFF of Regional Opener conversation … LARGER SCHEDULE ISSUES:
o   RUBINO/SCHATZ: no extra tournie in October this year is problem.  4 fall, 3 spring ideal.

•   TOURNAMENT PRACTICE:  Different TAB Program!!!
o   Notes bugs – advancement of project means to suffer now, have Bruschke number.
o   Working better.
o   Does everything incredibly well – well, not scheduling rooms - but everything else.  Bruschke is RESPONSIVE.

•   VIK:  texting of pairings like from Richmond?
•   PAT/RINO: CAT will do it will do.

•   KEN JOHNSON:  How hard to propose a CEDA Amendment?  Amendment for revoking half the teams count towards points:
o   Joe Patrice – better more debates? Kathryn – Rational?
o   Points versus partial ?
o   Could clear half, no auto point in partial.
o   KJ: Shorter tournaments is rational. 
o   PAT/RINO: Other regions have the third day.  ADA is pro in general, to extent of their rules.
BERCH:  Final Note: JV/NOV Committee that Neil is Chairing – out round point discussion part of agenda.  Neil will be soliciting community wide input

5.   NYC RR Planning
MIKE GIROUARD – Rooms reserved, Dates okay, Thoughts as Follows:
a) this was designed as a supplemental tournament for Open rounds, and to focus on improving opening debaters, pre-district
b) 16 teams, 2 pods of 8.  Submit a bid for 2nd team, and some non-district teams, D3, D9, Pitt talked, etc, increase the competition and increase the judging
c) 7 prelim rounds, top two in each
d) 3 judge panels?
e) Rooms at school, parking, hotel block at end of week, invite up in next couple of weeks
f) fees adjusted to get judging, food, etc., need to look at some things,
g) Questions for the Region: 
1) Format okay? Yes, but 19 teams in region- WB, also 3 pods, and 6 prelims?,
2) Would teams be okay with 8 rounds per team ?  KJ – 3 judges for 2 teams?  MG – can we get NYC folks? Or 2 judge panels. 3 better for feedback.
3) Concerns? Ideas?
KJ: only 1 team not make sense= ¾ like West Point, more access to debate, Cheap hotel, and parking.  MG: space is a concern if add teams.  But also cheap hotel. Parking – School shut down half of street. 
Berch:  A) skeptical for $ 1 team, and schedule = number of hotel nights.  MG: 4/3+Finals.  Wynn:  If judges needed, West Conn can bring them, Will and Harlow agree that NYU and alums also could fill in. 

WB:  Don’t forget it’s more than rounds: Talking about intel practices, talking about a strategic session.  Rounds are good, but other coordination can happen.

Katsulas – says 2 judges is sufficient and keeps fees reasonable

WB – post conversation to listserve

6.   Regional Award Vote
RUBINO:  2 issues, both criteria and tabulation
1) criteria (ie multiple debaters from 1 school) plus values, like competition, novice, continued, division, and integrity of award

BERCH -Academic Record not part of consideration?
PATRICE – um, it was named after Mike Davis, duh.

2) Voting:  System?  Ranks, versus the elim?  “Single Transferable Vote” (Last person’s vote redistributed – like CEDA topic)?

- Method would be for all “Regional” Awards – Judges, Debaters, etc.

BAKER: says no, ranking bad, CEDA not applicable.  Way of doing – tank votes?
BERCH: says ranks only is worse.
PATRICE: says not Single Transferable does not result in “strategering the vote”

SCHATZ:  REGIONAL AWARD QUESTION:  RESET yearly not as good as cumulative.    More like Founders Cup?
PATRICE says maybe redo the criteria again. 
BERCH asks:  Still count tournaments only in the region? 
Yes, stay is consensus.
BAKER:  Applicable for this year?  Yes …

SIDEBAR:  How to propose changes … Getting things in writing as a region …

Ok, VIK will write up, and the business go to the region via email, with timed voting period

Sidenote:  BERCH has posted the voting system proposal as of Sunday.  BAKER has called for a vote..

7.   Tournament Capacity/QoL Discussion (NE Regions version of Old Business)

A) BAKER – Meal Inclusion Idea
•   WB:  8AM starts – annoying?  Not food events.  All four tournaments with food in evening with raised fees = a nice idea.  Community Meal. Out at 10, no restaurant, slightly higher fees. 
•   BERCH clarifies – NOT at 5 rounds a day.  Samantha notes it’s the Sunday that effects life – 5 rounds then the drive home
•   HARLOW: the Dinner is awesome.
•   RUBINO – Personal Preference:  maybe yeah, good, but still like team at restaurant then folks at the hotel/bar for bonding rather than stuck in a room on campus. 

OHHHHH.  Will means at a restaurant!
(clarion noted)
B)  Who Drives and When?
•   SCHATZ – driving after stay up to prep is issue.  IDEA – id the drivers and get them off! 
•   WB says do both – who is okay to judge …. And who needs off.
•   WEBSTER– also minimal prefs:  who is placable?  Keep in mind.
•   KEN JOHNSON:  The Sunday is rugged because Saturday night is rugged with 5 ½ hours of sleep.  Back to saved rounds ideas. 
•   PATRICE: issue is that F/S/S is investment of educational issue.  Need maximum number of rounds.  Now, 3 day = problems.  Shaving rounds is not the answer.
•   RUBINO:  Schatz kind of says it, what if people were able to bring more that 3 rounds per judges?   
•   GIROUARD – but only other judge from schools?   
•   WEBSTER –.  And folks that can stay offer. 
•   BERCH-  no inherency – it’s the sqo practice of the Region.

C) Change the schedule – times/rounds
•   PATRICE back to 8-3-5 on 2 day? 
•   MAFFIE:  8-3-5 Open and JV?
•   LIAO: with the 8 min prep!
•   PATRICE: Also, good open teams not at the regional tournies
•   WILCOX:  Also not need consensus – go with it. 
•   BAKER:  No Strange here, more successful proposal this year?
•   PATRICE -  ideas out there!
•   BERCH – each of our regional tournament should improve QoL, not just dictate or do random.  Maybe less breaks, 5 prelims, or 8-3-5, or the Dinner Option.  Agree w/ Ken.  First solution is less outrounds. But each invite should spell out the specific QoL measure they will be practicing at their tournament.    (Heretofore known as BERCH AMENDMENT)
•   GIROUARD – not just with the novices
•   VIK – the landsman-roos perm?  5 nov prelims and octos, 6 jv/opn prelims @ quarters
BAKER – Version of Berch Amendment – put forth the QoL implementation as part of it.  Figure our before hand!!! Folks can’t be caught off guard.

D) VIK:  Discussion of the SuperRegional Tournie Proposal?
 â€“ NOPE, listserv
•   Schatz has a last minute anti 8-- rant, that novice only is a problem, then modify back.  3 Day would be better.  Moral is higher.  Miss classes, yeah, but safety and ed outweigh
o   BERCH– I agree .
o   VIK – need to have spring 3 day, not just all in fall for balance.  Although 3rd = problems for classes.  Also, jobs
o   SCHATZ – options for jobs.