Author Topic: Ogden Marriott Transition to Summit Hotel and Conference Center for the NDT  (Read 4474 times)


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Recently, the Ogden Marriott announced that it will become a Summit Hotel and Conference Center.

I contacted the hotel when the announcement was made to ask about what changes I might anticipate since the transition is made official the Saturday before the NDT.  There will be no internal changes to the hotel, its management or its staff. The biggest change is the name, so  guests will not be able to access Marriott rewards for this stay.

It has come to my attention that Marriott has distributed a boiler plate email that was sent to all hotel guests with reservations at the Ogden Marriott. The hotel is transferring reservations from one system to another and they wanted guests to call in to ensure that no reservations fell through the cracks.

In the case of the NDT, Ivan Toca is personally verifying the transfer of every reservation. So there is no need to have to call in to verify your reservation. However, if you have a change to make to your reservation, Ivan Toca is still the person you contact (801) 395-2047. Also, since your arrival lines up so closely with the transition, the hotel will still have the old system available at the time of your arrival as a fail safe.

I have been repeatedly given every assurance, that the hotel staff's singular focus is preparing for the NDT. I have worked with all of these people personally for the better part of a decade during our time at Weber State on a number of events.  They have all been working on this project day in and day out for 2 years. They have the pleasure of hearing my or Omar's lovely voice at least once a week. They are as personally invested in the success of this event as any of us are.

Should you have any difficulty, my cell phone is (801) 917-7342. Let me know and I will fix it immediately.