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Soul Announcements 1.0
« on: February 12, 2010, 04:01:55 AM »
Hello - we are looking forward to having everyone at the Soul of America
Tournament...Several announcements..

1. Prefs are active.feel free to start filling them out.  Please check
back tomorrow night in the event that any new judges have been added.
Please have them completed by NOON on Friday.

2. Be prepared for mutuality but not necessarily preference - KSU teams
will serve as sacrificial lambs in the preference system which will give
some leeway, but with a small pool - we will do the best we can.  KSU
teams can break.

3. Hired judging - we will be asking/begging at registration for more
hired judging for anyone capable of judging Varsity.  We will be paying
$30/cash per round - no forms to sign.  If anyone knows of judges who
are capable of judging Varsity debates who might also be at least
slightly preferred, please let me know.

4. Registration at 2:30 not 2 PM in Bluemont 101 - map to follow..

5. Smoking - please pass on..those who smoke, please make sure that you
are 20 feet away from the building and that cigarette butts are not
thrown on the ground.  We lost the ability to use the biggest classroom
building on campus due to this despite our debaters picking up cigarette
butts with their hands.

6. Cell phone/remote coaching - plan on it to some extent - we will be
spread out on Friday - 7 different buildings..see above for
reason..there is some centrality to the buildings.  Saturday we move to
3-4 buildings.  There are 5 different gators that can take you from
building to building.

7. Food - we will provide Pizza and water/soda to the debaters rooms on
Friday night between rounds 1 and 2.  Breakfast at the school on
Saturday and Sunday.  Lunch on Saturday.

8. Electronic Balloting - Please, please, please do will make
the tournament run much quicker.  If necessary, borrow a debaters

9. Internet - fast and easy.just select ksuguest logon or
password required.


1. DISCLOSURE for PREFS - our invite states "Disclosure: In order to
receive strikes/preferences, a team must either submit to the tournament
officials ( or to a copy of
all of their previously run affirmatives that they might run at the
tournament. If new advantages/plan texts have been added, please submit
these as well."   I would strongly encourage schools to submit them
directly to the wiki.  As a general rule, if you are going to run an aff
this weekend that is not new to your squad, it should be up on the wiki.
This will be enforced as early as round 1.  At registration we will have
a list of teams that are insufficient.

2. Registration time - Registration cannot start until 2:30 - it will
occur in Bluemont Hall room 101.  Please register between 2:30 and 3:15.
If you know of changes while driving, please call me at 703-855-6177.

3. Maverick/sickness rule - not covered in the invite - some have asked
.A team may go maverick up to two rounds in prelims and still clear.
The tournament officials should be made aware of this situation.  There
is likely to be a KSU Novice maverick just to make the division bigger.
She/he will not be breaking.

4. 5 minute coaching rule - at 5 minutes prior to the debate start time
we will ask for coaches to cease coaching in the prelims.  This is true
even if the individual is not judging.