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Parking and Transportation for the NDT
« on: March 16, 2013, 01:06:10 PM »
A few announcements and reminders about parking and transportation.

Parking:  While we have had all classes cancelled in both buildings reserved for the NDT on Friday March 29th, classes will still be in session on the rest of the campus.  In order to secure parking for our guests, Weber State Debate has reserved the entirety of the public pay lot next to the duck pond.  

To access the lot, simply turn left onto campus from Harrison at the light on 3850 South. This is the main entrance to the campus. Turn right at the traffic circle and then take the first left, follow the road until you get up to the parking lot to your left.  The public pay lot is labeled PPL on this campus map ( towards the bottom. Parking is less than 500 feet from the Shepherd Union (SU). Rounds will be announced there in the Ballroom

Required parking permits will be distributed at registration.  There are 156 spaces in the lot.  Each institution will receive 2 permits per team entered.  If your squad has one team, you will be given two permits. If your squad has two teams, you will be given four permits.  And if your squad has three teams, you will be given six permits. Parking is complimentary for our attendees on campus as well as at both hotels.

On Saturday and Sunday, however, you are welcome to park in any lot, including the lot directly in front of Elizabeth Hall (EH) where most of the rounds will be held.

Transportation: For transportation to and from the airport, we suggest you reserve with Express Shuttle, 1-800-397-0773. Passengers that say they are with the "2013 National Debate Tournament" will receive a discounted rate. Unaffiliated critics or staff flying in separately  might find this option particularly helpful. Express Shuttle also offers charter rates.

Also, during the tournament, Weber State Debate will be providing charter bus service to move  people between the tournament hotel and the campus.  So if you've hired more tournament staff than you have seats in your van, those people will have transportation provided. By the same token, if you'd simply rather ride than drive and park the service is also available to you. The bus pick up and drop off points will be at the tournament hotel and at the pay lot near the Shepherd Union where rounds will be announced.

Buses will begin shuttling from the tournament hotel to campus starting at 6:30 AM through 6:45 AM.  At the end of the day, they will depart campus starting at 8:30 PM.  The last bus leaves campus for the tournament hotel at 10:00 PM.  During the day, the buses will make an hourly loop from the campus to the tournament hotel.

Should you need emergency transportation, please contact Omar immediately (801) 668-6910, the campus is across the street from a hospital and minutes away from an urgent care.  We will have an assigned driver on permanent standby for any emergency transportation requests.

If you have any other questions regarding parking or transportation, just let me know.
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