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NDT Reminders
« on: March 24, 2013, 10:44:19 AM »
During your stay they can be found here:

1.  Wear your wristband.  We purchased a lightweight yet durable band so it would be comfortable, yet last the whole week.  We strongly recommend you wear it and don’t lose it.  If you are not visually displaying your band at meal time, the Sodexho staff and/or the tournament staff will pull you out of the line. Local merchants will also look for the wristbands when you request your NDT discount.  Upside:  Full breakfast, buffet lunch, special snack surprise time, and all day coffee and lemonade.  Also, dinner discounts from local merchants.

2.  Be a responsible drinker.  Please understand that we are using the nicest rooms on campus, and I can’t have anyone spilling coffee, coke, etc. into the carpet.  If you leave the ballroom with a beverage, it must be in a closed-top container. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on campus. Upside: Every tournament attendees has received a reusable drink cup, please keep yours with you the entire time.

3.  Be a responsible smoker.   Stand 25 feet away from the building.  Dispose of your butts in the provided containers. Don’t make non-smokers walk through a cloud just to get past you.  Please understand that Utah has the lowest smoking rates in the entire country, and folks are not always patient with irresponsible smoking behavior.  And unfortunately, in order to stay ahead of the complaints I will have to monitor the situation.  Upside:  10% discount at Tobacco Barn across the street from campus.

4.  Internet.  We’ve been working on this since October.  We have set up a dedicated S.S.I.D. just for tournament attendants.  You will have the same unrestricted access as a faculty member, please do not abuse this trust by downloading prohibited content. The Shepherd Union can support nearly 20,000 internet connected devices, and it will be Easter weekend so student foot traffic should be light.  It might take a second to connect initially, but once it does, you will connected all day and not kicked off. I do not anticipate any problems as we tested the system at the Val Browning Round Robin and we received positive feedback.  More information – and a password - can be found here:

5.  Parking.  You will be given two vehicle permits per team. Public Pay Lot, 500 feet from the Student Union. Upside: Parking for tournament is free. More information can be found here:

6.  Buses.  We will run two (2) state of the art C.N.G. buses every morning (6:30 – 7:45 AM) before round one and after the last round of the day (8:30 – 9:45 PM).  We will also run bus service at the top of every hour from campus to the hotel and back, in case you get the round off, need to take a break, etc.  Buses will pick up and drop off on the south entrance of the Student Union.  Please show your wristband for a complimentary ride.

7. Leave the classrooms when the debate is over.  We are having each classroom professionally cleaned and refreshed after every debate round.  When the post-round is completed, please vacate the room.  There is plenty of provided space to do your squad work sessions.  In addition to the Big Board Ballroom, the Union has several lounges, including the Fireplace Lounge, Bridge Lounge, Bell Tower Lounge and other open lounges.  A map for each floor of the Shepherd Union can be found here: Upside:  nobody has to debate in a trash-filled, smelly, or otherwise gross classroom.

8.  Don’t touch the classroom tech.  If you need tech, bring it with you.  Or, send me an email to and we will work out an arrangement.  Fiddling with the classroom tech can only get your host in a lot of trouble, so please don’t do it.

9.  Share the outlets.  These are state of the art modern classrooms with multiple sockets.  Using power strips will optimize their use.  We will have a limited number of power strips available.  If you need one, simply ask any on-duty staff member (they are wearing the Weber State Debate polo shirts).  In the Big Board Ballroom, junction boxes along the floor will furnish every program electrical access at all the tables regardless of their location.

10. Safety first.  Given the size of the event – and the publicity it has been given – the Weber State police have agreed to provide the required coverage.  We will have continuous security, and if you feel unsafe for any reason or are otherwise confronted with an emergency medical situation, please speak with them immediately.  The Weber State Police have plenty of experience helping us host tournaments and we are grateful for their support.

And one bonus tournament reminder:

11. Build bridges.   Veronica and I have been at Weber for 10 years.  There are few people we don’t know, and many of those we do know have helped in some way to make this tournament possible.  Because we host many tournaments at Weber, we are a very visible organization on campus.  Thus, I will inevitably hear about any acts of discourtesy perpetrated by our attendees. So please, if there is an unexpected problem with staff or faculty, text me at 801.668.6910 and let me handle it.