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A few NDT updates
« on: March 27, 2013, 10:42:52 AM »
The weather couldn't be better in Ogden. Highs will be in the 60s and lows in the 40s.  You'll have walking around weather, which is perfect since so much of your commerce is walking distance from both the Summit and the Hilton Garden Inn.  Friday there's a 30% chance of isolated thunder storms, but otherwise we'll have a lot of sun to accompany our Wasatch mountain views.

The conversion from Marriott to Summit just wrapped up. The new website and contact information can be found here: In light of the very recent transition, we met with Ivan yesterday and triple checked the details on all of your reservations. I don't believe there will be any major problems with check-in, nonetheless, you might need this contact information on your way into town. And remember, you can always contact Ivan directly at 801.395.2047. Thank you. If you Ivan is not available call Veronica at 801.917.7342 or OG at 801.668.6910.  

Events Schedule:
The schedule can found here:  A couple of minor edits. Team photos have been moved to the South fireplace in the rear foyer of the hotel by the Ballroom entrance. Also, the Board of Trustees meeting has been moved to Cottonwood, but it is still scheduled for 11 AM.  

We have a couple of sweet additions on our dining page:  Beyond Glaze and Ye Olde Cupcake Shoppe join our list of sponsors.  The webpage is furnished with links to each of the tournament dining sponsors.  It's worth checking out because many of these restaurants will have great specials independent of the tournament, such as:  Tona is celebrating it's anniversary, Jasoh has an "appy hour," Bistro 258 has a $13.95 prime rib dinner special, etc.  So make yourself familiar with your dining options.

Welcome to Ogden everyone!
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