Author Topic: Some additional NDT tournament reminders  (Read 3254 times)


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Some additional NDT tournament reminders
« on: March 27, 2013, 12:51:30 PM »

1.  The C-Store will be open:  In the Shepherd Union Building on all three days of preliminary debates.  If you need aspirin, bottles of water, etc., this is the place to get it.  You can find it on the ground level.

2.  Parking simplified:  No need for permits anymore.  Just show your purple wrist band to gain access to the secured Public Pay Lot only feet away from the Shepherd Union Building.

3.  Plenty of Coffee:  Starbucks at Summit will be Open all weekend, assuming it gets a decent amount of business.  We will also provide all day coffee on campus.

4.  Buffet line:

A.  Omnivores show purple wrist band, vegans and vegetarians show their red wrist band.

B.  Omnivores stay out of the vegetarian buffet lines and vice versa.  There are 6 total buffet   lines.  Make sure you are standing in the right one.

C.  Don’t take more than a single portion of any food item until everyone has eaten.  At that point, get seconds and don’t let food go to waste.

D.  Remember, be hungry: Full breakfast, buffet lunch, and a great snack each day on campus. There is food and drink after every debate.  Just come to the Ballrooms when you are done with your round.

5.  Don’t camp our classrooms between debates:  We need to clean and refresh them for the next round.  When you are done with your post round discussions, please come to the ballroom to eat and do your work for the next debate.

6.  All beverages removed from the Ballroom MUST BE in a closed top container.  We are going to give you a nice one for free.  Just remember to bring it to campus on Friday morning.  And please, folks, under NO circumstances should food be consumed in the competition rooms.

7.  Ask for Help:  Anyone wearing a black polo with purple “Weber State Debate” lettering is available to help you.  There will be no less than 20 of us working the tournament at any given time, and we would love to help you.

8.  Professional Networking:  We recommend the Fireside Lounge for private conversation about professional employment.  It can be found on the ground level, past the food court and next to the art gallery.

9.  Emergency Driver is on-call:  If you forgot something, if some has a (non-life threatening) medical condition, etc., and do not have a rental car, please call Mr. Jared Moss at 801.927.8641.  If it is a bona fide medical emergency, please call 911.

10.  Special Requests and/or Misc. Concerns: Call or text O.G. directly, 801. 668.6910.