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Airport Shuttle
« on: February 25, 2014, 12:47:28 PM »
CEDA/NDT Airport Shuttle Information:

Many of you are probably entering the stage of figuring out how to get to and from the Indianapolis airport to Bloomington. Both invites on tabroom include information about the shuttle, but there is no harm in repetition!

1) Bloomington Shuttle is always my first choice: They are always on time and very reliable.

2) Star of America is the second choice:
They too are reliable and on time.

I have never had an issue with either. If a large group of people fly in at the same time AND they pre-ordered shuttle tickets a day or more in advance, both services will increase the size of the vehicle they are driving to accommodate demand.

The large distinction between the two services is in where the shuttles drop you off. Bloomington Shuttle drops off at the tournament hotel for CEDA (Courtyard) and the NDT tournament hotel (IMU). The Star of America drops off at the "Cardinal Fitness Center" which is right next to the SpringHill Sweets spillover hotel. Both services could be flexible if you request ahead of time to be dropped off at a different location. But we cannot guarantee that they will accommodate.

THE SECOND ISSUE TO TAKE NOTICE: Do make sure your departure and arrival times line up with their scheduled operating times! There are a few very late night and early morning flights that exist in blackout hours.

If you have already purchased tickets and you fall within these cracks, I would highly suggest calling either organization. As long as you have enough people to shuttle, they in all likelihood will be able to acquire a shuttle or limo service. The earlier the better of course!