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Regional Awards Nominations Due
« on: February 18, 2010, 10:49:50 PM »
Accepting nominations for:

1) The Michael K. Davis Award goes to an outstanding graduating senior policy debater who began college eligible to debate as a Novice.  Criteria will include debate accomplishments, contributions to the student’s debate squad, contributions to the debate community at-large, and debate citizenship.  The name of the winner of the Michael K. Davis Award will be added to a traveling trophy (the winner’s school is responsible for that).  Each year, the trophy (or plaque) will be displayed in a prominent place at the Regional Tournament.

2) The Regional Critic of the Year Award will go to someone who has judged at most regional tournaments during the current school year.  Criteria will include excellence in adjudication of debates at all levels and the consistent provision of educational critiques.

3) The Final Round judge for CEDA Nationals should be someone who has demonstrated an ability to adjudicate high-level debates in a high-quality fashion.  S/he should also have indicated that s/he would be available to attend the final round at CEDA Nationals.

Please send nominations to