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Binghamton Updates - Prefs Are Now Open
« on: September 18, 2013, 10:41:13 PM »
Policy Info:
You have until 12:30pm on Friday to enter prefs if you want them to count for rounds 1 & 2. Prefs are ordinal. A handful of more judges may be added during the day tomorrow and I'll send a message regarding them when that happens. At the bottom of this message you'll find the philosophies for some of the additional hires we've had to make.

Worlds Info:
Again, no Friday. We have 23 teams. Binghamton will ensure the 24th. We will be using Lecture Hall 8 for the main gathering room. The Lecture Hall building is attached to the Student Wing. Please note that this is a change from past years.

Parking is free at the meters on weekends. Friday it's free after five. It's 50 cents per half hour and the machines can take credit card.

Judge Info-
Luis Aguirre debated for 4 years in high school in Policy as well as 1 year at Binghamton. He ran more critical argumentation and I think he got his statism file handed down to him from Kozak. He ran politics and counter-plans a bunch while debating at Binghamton. Fine with speed. Nov/Jv Only.

Danesh Singh was an LD debater in high school and is familiar with policy debate. He has a PhD in philosophy and is comfortable with both critical and policy arguments. He would not be comfortable with the top speed of varsity debate but would be fully competent to judge a debate round. Nov/Jv Only.

Eric Larson took the debate course on campus and won the class tournament. He has seen regional debate before and is a smart person. The course required him to judge debate rounds as well. Would be able to give helpful feedback but would not be comfortable at high speed. Nov Only.

Xin Ke debated for Binghamton last year and left the team. She consistently broke when she debated and would regularly win elims. She did policy and critical style debate and debated fast. Would be fine with high level novice speed. Nov Only.

Kevin Kauschinger debated for 4 years in high school and 3 at Binghamton. Prefers policy to critical debate but debated the K a bunch as well. He has a philosophy up on the high school site I believe. Nov/Jv Only.

Mark Ochweri debated for Binghamton last year and won the NE Regional Championship in novice. Did policy and critical debate. Would be fine with high level novice speed. Nov Only.

Eunice Kim is a Binghamton graduate and an advance nursing degree. She took courses in philosophy and is interested in policy analysis. She would not be comfortable with fast debate. Nov Only.

Jaclyn Leeson-Schatz has judged 20-30 rounds over the past five years. Doesn't like speed but has dealt with it. Prefer critical to policy debate. She's voted on plenty of CP and DAs over the years as well. Would like people to be civil with each other. Is competent to judge a debate round and make a decision. Nov/JV Only.