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Bing Updates, Wave III
« on: February 25, 2010, 09:13:46 AM »
The local weather is suppose to get better by 7am Friday. Only between a 30-60% chance of snow over the weekend. So it seems like we'll miss the worst of it. If anyone can't make it due to weather come Friday please call me directly at 607-765-3659.

We will be using a 3 category pref system + strikes. Teams will probably have about seven strikes or so. I'll release the specific numbers after the close of registration at 5pm. You will have until 9pm Friday then to do your prefs if you want them in effect for round 1.

Wireless Internet will be available. The user name is: guesta200. The PW is: debate10.

The first time you get on the Internet the campus network will do a check to make sure your virus software, window updates, etc are all in order. If you do not have your computer updated and secured do so ahead of time. If things go smoothly it's a 3-5 minute process to get on the 1st time. If you need to do a bunch of updating etc it could take upwards of 1/2 hour that first time. My suggestion is to get there early Sunday in order to make sure your computer will work.