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2014 Jan 24-27 Hoosier Invitation Tournament (HIT)
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The invite, tournament and hotel information has been posted to for a while. I have copied and pasted the invite below.

Date: January 24-27, 2014
Indiana University and the Hoosier debate team cordially invite the policy debate community to our tcampus the fourth weekend of January. Our tournament will provide your teams with seven rounds of competition. We will continue with “Breaking Away Theme.” The bike racing tradition has made our campus world famous for its Little 500 spring race. We will host Novice/JV/Open and will aim to have seven rounds in each division.

Reasons to attend *From Gourmet muffins and pastries, award winning Pizza, and never ending coffee we will provide the best food and service during your stay. **Simplicity and Ease: The tournament is hosted in one large classroom building located next door to the tournament hotel and Union. We will keep you well fed with three breakfasts, two lunches, and two dinners. During the winter months, it’s always nice to stay in from the cold! ***IU is centrally located. Flights to Indianapolis, the shuttle service, and the "low" cost of Indy rental vans make this tournament a cost effective option if you plan on bringing several teams. Plus, you can avoid a van rental entirely from Indy if you utilize the airports highly reliable and low cost shuttle services.

Hotel Information The tournament hotel is the historic IMU Biddle Hotel. The IMU is in the middle of the campus located directly across from the Ballantine classroom building where the tournament is held. We have a block of 45 hotel rooms at $115 for double bed rooms. Internet and parking during your stay is free. Contact Info: (800) 209- 8145

Why stay at the hotel?
1) Convenience: You are a one-minute walk from the building where debates are held. 2) The hotel is located in the student union which has several amenities including restaurants and a Starbucks.
3) Flying? Use the Bloomington Shuttle Service to Indianapolis. It is cheap ($16 each way per-person), reliable, and they will drop you off at the hotel. The shuttle has never been late in the several years that our team has used the service. 1hr to/from the airport. 4) Free internet & free parking.
Hotel Block:
Indiana Memorial Union Biddle Hotel. Cost: Doubles Rooms $115.00
- Online reservations can be located here: - Phone reservations: (800) 209-8145
- Block code: DEBATE Tournament Fees: TBD Payment and Registration
You will be able to pay by check and credit card. Due to Indiana University Conference policy, cash is highly discouraged. We would rather you deposit the cash and write out a check and send it to IU conferences. A team, University, or personal check would be much easier for us to process. Please let me know ASAP if cash is your only option. An online payment/registration system will become active soon. Check back for the link in December. We highly suggest that you PAY PRIOR to your arrival. A confirmation email with a receipt email will be sent to the tournament administrator to verify payment.

Hospitality/Meals Coffee, chai [we will have it this year, promise], water bottles, and soda will be served all day from Saturday-Sunday.
*Friday Night: Registration will be on the Mezzanine level above the hotel entrance towards the “Tree Sweets” in the “Tree Sweet Conference Lounge.”
Breakfast: Assorted pastries and muffins from the Bakehouse, a Bloomington Favorite coffee shop.
Lunch: Jimmy John’s sandwiches
Dinner: Falafel’s Mediterranean (Falafel, Schawarma, hummus etc.)
Breakfast: Bakehouse scones, coffee cakes, and muffins
Lunch: Mother Bears Pizza
Dinner: TBD – something delicious
Snack: Cookies from “Baked,” a local fresh cookie distributor for all those late night study sessions.
Breakfast: University Catered Breakfast and Coffee.

Judging Requirements *One team entered will require 4 rounds of judging, two teams will require 7. Uncovered teams will accrue an additional $100 charge. All judges are committed for the first elimination debate and one round after their team has been eliminated. **All coaches are expected to make themselves available for at least some judging and will be on the preference sheet. ***Prelim rounds must be decided within two hours and thirty minutes of the posted start time of the debate. The tab room will flip a coin to determine the winner when the judge cannot decide.****Judges must vote for one and only one team in each debate and must assign speaker points and ranks in prelim rounds. The tab room will flip a coin to determine the winner if the judge cannot.

The tournament topic will follow the 2013-2014 CEDA policy debate resolution.
Tournament Administration Details The tournament will feature Seven preliminary rounds of two-person, switch-sides, cross-examination debate on the 2013-2014 national debate tournament topic in the standard 9-3-6 format. We will attempt to offer three divisions, Open, JV and Novice. In the event of collapsed divisions JV/Novice teams will be eligible for breakout division outrounds. Team eligibility will be determined by pre- start of tournament entries on Please use CEDA eligibility standards to place your teams in the appropriate division.

Teams: Each team should be comprised of two debaters. Hybrid teams will be allowed to compete and break. Maverick “teams” can compete but will not be allowed to break.

Speaker Points: We will use a 30-point scale with tenth point increments. Speaker points should have no ties.
Preferences and Tabulation: We will use ordinal rankings of judges to determine mutuality in preference. Tabulation will be done by Brian DeLong.

Audio and Video Recording: All rounds (defined as the speeches and judge critiques) are open to the public and may be electronically recorded for private educational use by any tournament participants (registered coaches, debaters and helpers).

Conduct: All participants debating at the Hoosier Invitational Tournament at Indiana University will follow tournament rules as well as any rules of their sponsoring institutions. We abide by all rules and norms of CEDA and the AFA, including but not limited to CEDA's sexual harassment policy.
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