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Bing News/Wave 2
« on: February 22, 2010, 01:15:14 PM »
Districts - (1) Judges should not be listed on DR; (2) Sebelle/Henry will be the bye fill-in team. They were at West Conn together and their aff is online.

Novice Policy - (1) Invite specifies we will have a rookie beakout that will break to semis. Please e-mail me if you have rookie teams. We define rookie as "debates who have not advanced to elimination rounds;" (2) Unless numbers drop invite specifies 5 rounds and doubles. We intend to stick with that.

Worlds - (1) Remember we have IE rounds integrated into the schedule for those who are interested (free to participate if you're already competing in worlds). We have some IE schools interested in attending so you can have some good learning experience; (2) I've only received entries for 3 schools thus far. Please start sending in your registration if you haven't done so already.

Everyone - (1) We will have two feeding stations this year. One in FA where it normally is and one in front of LH 1 which is where we served lunch on Sunday last year; (2) Registration closes Thursday at 6pm. Any drops after then will still be charged since we will still be charged for food since we're going with catering again this year. Fajita bar, which serving utensils; (3) Anyone who still needs to hire judging should contact me. We have a few more people available from Bing and there are several regional people interested in being hired. Don't leave this until the last minute; (4) We look forward to hosting you all next weekend. The weather includes "chance of a few snow showers" and "highs in the mid 20s and lows in the low 20s." Dress appropriately. We'll try to have people change buildings as little as possible. But some building changes are inevitable.

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